Hiring a Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Owning a business means you are your own boss. You get to do what you want without anybody ordering you around.  This scenario paints a rosy picture of a business owner but in reality that means doing all the functions of marketing, sales, finances, scheduling and other mundane that takes a lot of your time.

Take note that with the onset of technology, a lot of business owners sprouted like mushrooms and that means a lot of competitors out there ready to devour you if you are not at par. As a businessman you have to be on top of your game and be aware of what’s going on around you. This is where the VA’s or virtual assistants come in handy. Now, I am going to discuss the benefit of hiring a VA to handle customer service.

Hiring a customer service representative is highly recommended for these reasons:

It saves a lot of your time. As the old saying goes, “Time is Gold”. Instead of tending over this task, you can instead delegate this job to a virtual assistant. This would further increase your efficiency and productivity as you can focus more on other important areas of your business.

Second important thing is reduced cost. According to a study conducted on businesses that hire a VA, they could save up to 78% in operating cost per year. How is that possible?  Since your assistant is virtual you don’t have to rent an office and another thing is that you don’t need to train them because they’re highly proficient in what they do. Sounds lovely right?

Other benefits include:

  • Customer loyalty – Word of mouth is an important tool in marketing. It helps increase brand awareness, engage customers and generate prospects. Loyal customers play a vital role in the world of marketing. As you have already won the trust of your loyal customers, you can influence them more than new customers.
  • Customer referrals – If you have loyal customers, they are going to talk about your brand, share feedback, refer their friends and families, and even like or share your post on social media.
  • Increased Customer satisfaction – Any company worth its salt cares deeply about customer satisfaction. Customers who receive high service quality are more likely to do repeat business, as well as recommend you to friends and family. This translates to more profit and a stellar business reputation.
  • Increased Business growth and revenue – Customer satisfaction and loyalty leads to more profit, and as your client base expands, you’ll find more opportunities to grow your business.

Most small businesses right now would hire  a virtual assistants for these important reasons. Why shouldn’t you? Don’t be left out trying to manage tons of workload on your own. Get some help. Jump on the bandwagon and you can look forward to a more profitable business and a well-balanced life.