Overcome the Fear of Outsourcing Jobs to a Virtual Assistant

Yes, I know you are well equipped to get the job done, but do you really have enough time to do everything on your plate at once? That’s the typical question we often ask ourselves. Imagine yourself as a business owner with a booming business in the market; let’s say a real estate biz, and your clients are pretty demanding. I cannot imagine how you would flip manage your day. “Nobody said it was easy” sounds familiar, right? Even the song “The Scientist” takes enormous time to make things right and organized. Well, in fact, it is safe to say this is our daily theme song or “last song syndrome” when chasing time.

This blog aims to help you realize that someone is willing to lend a hand virtually to make your life as easy as one, two, three (1, 2, 3).

You read it right, VIRTUAL! A Virtual Assistant, to be exact, and a Transaction Coordinator, to be precise; these people would work for you on a remote setup, thus fulfilling and making sure the job is done right and on time. You might have some hesitations, but let me jot down some advantages when you hire one. According to a blog entry from blog.hubstaff.com, below are some reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant:

  • Can’t find local administrative talent
  • Previous hires have been lower in quality
  • High turnover rates with administrative staff
  • Your job has become more demanding recently
  • Core tasks aren’t getting done in the hours you have
  • Wanting to pay only for hours worked
  • Don’t want to or can’t afford to pay a full-time worker with benefits
  • Can’t supply a physical office or room for your assistant
  • Prefer to manage your growth
  • Want to reduce your stress, workload, and overwhelm in your job

While on the other hand, these are some reasons I believe would help you decide to hire a “Transaction Coordinator” for your real estate business:

  • You’ll have someone who has extra time coordinating deadlines.
  • All the paperwork is monitored and kept for documentation and legal matters.
  • You’ll have someone pushy enough to ensure deadlines are met.
  • You’ll have someone that will make sure that your checklist is followed.
  • And lastly, it will help reduce an estimated 30% of your time and get the job done on your behalf.

Given these, imagine how much more you can do, having someone who can virtually assist you. You’ll not only save extra cash since you are not paying any rent and electricity in a physical office setup, but you also get an EXTRA, as you have someone ensuring the job is done promptly. NO MORE MISSES. So why fear hiring someone to work for you remotely? Isn’t it nice that you move forward from singing the words “Nobody said that was easy?” and have a new daily song to hum in the tune of “FINALLY”?

Here at The VA Hub, we make everything easy for you.