Contractor Assistant

Our Contractor Assistants have expert knowledge on performing remote administrative tasks, digital marketing campaigns and more!
Achieve business operational goals with a VA
We know that as a hard-working professional contractor, you are constantly on the go. Starting your days early and coming home late leaves little to no time for handling administrative tasks to run your business and make it prosper. We have the solution for you!
A contractor assistant can gather and maintain all necessary documentation on customer contacts and your construction projects. They can also do financial documentation in order to determine and build proper budgeting strategies so you can work worry-free. A TVH Contractor Assistant also sets all important appointments and meetings for you to fit your busy schedule. Any mail and faxes received are sorted, too!

How It Works

Our selection process ensures that you get the best Contractor Assistant who was carefully chosen among thousands of applicants, nurtured by trainers, and empowered by managers who know how to make your real estate business successful at the most affordable hourly rate.
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Our Business Advisors can help you put together a job description that fits your current real estate business model.

Let our Business Advisors know about your set-up so we can introduce you to the right person for the job.

Our team will pool only the best candidates based on the skill profile your real estate business needs.

After short-listing from the initial list of profiles, we will assist you in interviewing the most fitting candidates for the job.

The final decision comes from you. After selecting your Contractor Assistant, your account will be assigned to a manager who will be your main point of contact for VA concerns.

Contractor Assistant Services

We will only introduce you to candidates who pass our screening and training with exceptional score so you wouldn’t need to worry about supervising them at all times.
Construction Assistants work in a clerical position by managing phone calls, paperwork and clientele. They will support your business at large and strive to help improve workplace communication and efficiency to ultimately help with achieving operational goals. Hire one today!