Recruitment Assistant

The recruitment process can be a hectic task for anyone. Hire someone with the necessary skills and experience.
Hire more qualified individuals with a Recruitment Assistant
TVH Recruitment Assistants provide a variety of support to recruitment professionals like yourself. You are responsible to finding qualified candidates for job openings, screening employees and other necessary, but low-level tasks.
Recruitment assistants can help you with general administrative work like email, formatting CVs and answering phone calls, and more advanced recruitment activities like research and hunting for virtual job fairs.

How It Works

Our selection process ensures that you get the best Recruitment Assistant who was carefully chosen among thousands of applicants, nurtured by trainers, and empowered by managers who know how to make your real estate business successful at the most affordable hourly rate.
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Our Business Advisors can help you put together a job description that fits your current real estate business model.

Let our Business Advisors know about your set-up so we can introduce you to the right person for the job.

Our team will pool only the best candidates based on the skill profile your real estate business needs.

After short-listing from the initial list of profiles, we will assist you in interviewing the most fitting candidates for the job.

The final decision comes from you. After selecting your Recruitment Assistant, your account will be assigned to a manager who will be your main point of contact for VA concerns.

Recruitment Assistant Services

Every recruitment company or professional needs an excellent organizer, trustworthy aide, and outstanding communicator that has experience in recruitment and HR. When you hire a TVH Recruitment Assistant, you can rest assured that information such as applicant names, address, compensation, and tax information are secured. We will only introduce you to Vas who pass our rigorous background check; applications will be treated confidentially and circulated only to those individuals involved in the recruitment process.
You play a very important role in hiring people that will be responsible for organizational performance and growth. We will only introduce you to candidates who have passed our recruitment process and stringent background checks.
The recruitment process can be a hectic task for anyone. Hire someone with the necessary skills and experience.