How to Establish Brand Loyalty Through Good Customer Service

Brand loyalty is, probably, every company’s top priority. Keeping the customer buy a particular company’s products will guarantee its dominance over its competitors and may reduce marketing expenses. In fact, according to Samlat, it costs 5 times more to get new customers that to keep the current ones. However,customer retention itself  is already very difficult to achieve. Good customer service is one of the key factors that businesses consider to overcome brand loyalty issues.

So, how to establish brand loyalty through good customer service? A good customer service ensures consumer satisfaction. A happy and satisfied customer will be expected to purchase  the product or service again and again. This means that consumer will develop brand loyalty towards a company that can meet their needs and can handle product and service issues very well.

Many industries have become a dog-eat-dog battlefield. Competition is very high that companies will do anything to rank highest in the business industry. Building brand loyalty is not easy. It takes time. This process is not just about persuading your consumers to buy your product; it is creating a relationship with your consumers. Virtual assistants from the Philippines are prominent for being hospitable. When every product offered is almost the same, customer service will set your company apart from the rest.

Ability to answer inquiries efficiently

Customer service helps the consumers to use the company’s products and services efficiently. Imagine consumers using a technical product for the first time. They are unfamiliar with how the product works. Customer service will provide assistance to clarify confusions by answering questions related to the product’s usability, features, and other functionalities. Showing the consumer that you have absolute knowledge of your products and services will help you earn their trust. Customers are most likely to do business with a company that they trust.

Demonstrate a positive attitude

A little act of kindness will go a long way. Show your consumers that it is not purely business. Show them that you care just by keeping the door open for them or by greeting them politely. Customers who develop emotional attachment to a company have the tendency to patronize its products.


Provide multiple methods on how your customers can reach you.  Baby boomers and generation X are not adept at using the modern means of communication like email and other social media platforms unlike the younger generations. Older people still prefer phone calls or to personally visit the office. Therefore, create various ways on how different people, of different ages and locations, can contact your customer service department. This will ensure that everyone’s concerns will be accommodated.


Good customer service can help establish brand loyalty by providing quality services to the consumers. This can be done  by answering questions efficiently, showing positive attitude, and making sure that everyone can have easy access to the customer service department. These factors will ensure customer satisfaction to encourage them to continuously patronize your company’s products or services.

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