The secret of a successful business owner revealed!

It is difficult to expand your business when you are alone. As a business owner, you have a lot of tasks and commitments that you need to tend to and you will have little or no time to focus on more important things like strategizing your business. Especially now that we are suffering from the pandemic, all of us have been affected but you still need to manage and run your business.  

No matter how challenging or how hard it is, there is always a solution.  

How? Since remote work is the new norm and virtual assistant jobs are in demand, you can have a virtual assistant that can work for you remotely. This might seem quite a challenge at first but it will save you money and also help your business run more efficiently. Did you know that there are countries like the Philippines where you can hire a reliable virtual assistant?

So, what is delegation? Delegation is to entrust or to shift responsibility or a task from a superior to a subordinate. It is not easy to delegate responsibilities and it can be a major challenge for business owners due to concerns of losing control over the work or lack of trust or confidence in the abilities of others.

But why is delegation important? The importance of delegation is to help get things done and empower employees by allowing them to grow and learn. No business owner can do all things on his own all the time.  

Here are 6 reasons why it is important to delegate:

1. You will have more time to do important things.

When leaders delegate tasks to others, they increase their strategic work capacity and leave more time for planning, improving work performance.

2. It will help you determine the prioritization of tasks.

Delegating will help leaders determine which tasks can be delegated and who should perform the task.

3. It will support new skill development or will make your employees grow.

Delegation helps build new skills and develop capacities of an employee making them feel valued. By delegating, you are offering your employees the opportunity to excel and be successful like you.

4. This will foster efficiency and productivity.

Delegation promotes teamwork and collaboration in performing tasks leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

5. It will make employees feel empowered.

Employees feel empowered when they have been delegated new tasks as this will enable them to exhibit their capabilities to take on the new responsibilities.

6. It will develop trust and improve communication.

Entrusting tasks to other people can be challenging but through proper communication delegating will help the business grow.

Principles for Delegating Tasks

The business owner or manager should know how to properly and effectively delegate tasks. 

You must be delegating tasks correctly and assigning them to the right person like a virtual assistant.

Here are some things you should remember:

1. Make sure that you delegate the task to a person with the right tools and resources. 

2. You should be open to any concerns and suggestions.

3. Provide clear instructions regarding the time frame and work scope on the given task.

4. Assign the task to the person with the skill and talent that match your business requirement.

5. Communicate regularly to keep the task right on track.

How to Determine When to Delegate

There are tasks that managers need to do and tasks that should be delegated.  

Below are things to consider to find out which tasks should be delegated

1. Tiny tasks – these are tasks that need only a small amount of time to complete but are adding up and this can be done by a virtual assistant. 

Ex: scheduling an appointment or meeting; booking flights for business trips, managing your email and social media accounts. 

2. Tedious tasks – this task requires only a little skill and can be delegated. An example is copying and pasting lead information to CRM. 

3. Time-consuming tasks – these are tasks performed regularly but take a lot of time. Segments of these tasks can be handed over to others.

4. Teachable tasks – these are tasks that can be easily taught and can be easily handed over to others.

5. Terrible at – these are tasks that you are not good at and take up more of your time doing. You can delegate this task to someone who is more equipped to do the work well.

Do you want to have a reliable virtual assistant that you can delegate tasks to and will assist you in your business?  

Worry no more because, with the VA Hub, you can be assured that all the virtual assistants are well trained and have the skill set to perform and complete tasks. Our virtual assistants in the Philippines are all committed to going beyond what is needed.  


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