Maximize your Time management, Add another VA to the team

A person’s time is said to be one of the most important thing that every individual profoundly values and Time Management is usually positioned on the top most of our priority list to guarantee productivity and efficiency. In the business world these days, firm owners usually face issues with their time management thus affecting the success of the company in general. The key to the success for even the smallest of businesses is comprised mainly of excellent time management which will be interrelated to building a great team. This article converses about how to guarantee that your business is firing in all cylinders as well as how and why the entrepreneur and the Filipino virtual assistant relationship works extremely well for both parties.
Adding another VA to your team encompasses certain benefits that are tested and proven to be very effective in helping the business to prosper and thrive regardless of the occurring challenges that the mutable business standing our society is functioning in. These benefits are as follows:


It is already an ongoing practice these days for business owners to take advantage of virtual assistants in helping them out with most of the tasks that they fail to complete due to lack of time. One of the main reasons tycoons and corporate owners recruit and hire virtual assistants mostly coming from the Philippines is because of the huge savings in business costs (Brodie, 2017). Instead of a western salary grounded on the natural features and cost of living in your home country, you can instead hire Full-time Filipino virtual assistant which would help your business save more in terms of costing.


Since it is already a known fact that TIME is one of the most valuable commodity of every individual, adding a virtual assistant to the team supports in saving and managing your time to be more efficient. We can get more money, we can buy a bigger house, and we can choose most things in life. However, time is something we all have a limited amount of. You can never get time back. Statistics show that businesspersons, especially micro-entrepreneurs spend 52 weeks of the year working. 52 weeks, that means they never take any time out of the business (Brodie, 2017). The biggest problem with this statistic Is the fact that those 52 weeks of work are probably only semi-productive if you consider all the admin work and other tasks that they currently do.


At some point in every individual’s life, we tend to portray the role of being good at everything we do with the mentality of being a superhuman who can do it all. We all know that hard work and perseverance are great qualities for building a business. However, you can’t be the jack of all trades, chances are you’ll become the chief of none. You can try, but more than likely you will either be exhausted or hit a brick wall if you try to be the SEO expert, the PPC expert, the admin/personal assistant, the content writer and the programmer all at the same time (Brodie, 2017). If you do, you might be overtaken by someone else who is focusing more of their time on the key area for commercial growth.


Controlling time is said to be the main goal to assure success. Filipino virtual assistants and remote employees specialize in each area of a certain business. By hiring trustworthy and skilled virtual assistants the world of possibilities opens for you (Brodie, 2017). You can do things you want to do, but never thought you could do due to the piled-up tasks that you do not have anyone to segregate them to.

How you as a FOREIGN EMPLOYER helps the virtual assistant

The businessperson and Filipino virtual assistant relationship is mutually beneficial. Filipinos are loyal, caring, and they genuinely want to please you. They are known to treat work like family, and if you’re hiring the right virtual assistants, treating them well, paying them well and giving them opportunities to grow and develop personally, they will reward you with outstanding work and loyalty. Filipino virtual assistants are known to be very innovative and adaptive which are important traits that employees should have to assure quality results and success for the business or company.


The job of virtual assistants could be categorized as either part time or full time. Flexibility of schedule becomes an advantage since during the specified number of working hours, work could be maximized and becomes more productive since multitasking is very much utilized. Entrepreneurs may set tasks on TRELLO for example, with deadlines and instructions. Usually, bullet pointed and super specific. Touch base every now and then, remember you’re wanting to build a team that is a long-term solution to driving your business forward (Brodie, 2017). You’re dealing with humans. Working with Filipino virtual assistants is fun, enjoyable, and best of all it helps you grow your business and get your life back.
Contributor:  Sarah Jean Dujali
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