By: Aileen Pamela Gaylan


Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant? 

Do you want to make your life easier by having someone reliable to manage tons of your tasks?

Do you want to make sure that the VA you are hiring maximizes his potential to perform the role.

If your answers to these questions are all yes then my question will be how will you do it?


Read the following tips to unlock your virtual assistant’s full potential.


  • Maintain Open Communication

Remember that communication is essential to start a strong alliance. The first thing that you need to do is to establish a connection between you and your virtual assistant to foster harmonious relationship. 

It is also important to set the channels you will use to effectively communicate with your virtual assistant.

This also has to be done regularly to get updates from one another. It could be done daily, thrice a week, etc. 

This gives you a better opportunity to convey clear expectations, goals, and what you want to achieve in your business. Encourage your VA to ask questions and listen if they have suggestions. Two-way communication has to be maintained to establish a lasting relationship.


  • Provide Additional Training

Learning never stops. Provide additional training to boost your VA’s knowledge and skills to get the job done. Additional learnings will increase your VA’s level of confidence to better help you with your business. 


  • Empower Your Virtual Assistant

Have trust and confidence in your virtual assistant to accomplish tasks without micromanaging. Provide guidance when needed but let them function on their own. In the long run, you’ll be able to leave them with bigger responsibilities. 



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Source: https://biz30.timedoctor.com/