The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant

By: Che De Claro


Does anyone have ever wondered how convenient life would be if you get to finish all the tasks you have to accomplish in a day with no stress and frustrations coming up with unique ideas and strategies that are needed to grow and expand the business?

It is stressful and a waste of time having a poor-quality performance just for the sake of the job that needs to be done.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual who provides different types of online assistance to clients remotely from a home office.


What Can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

A Virtual Assistant will help you manage your schedules and can perform multiple tasks that are needed to be done in a timely manner. They can help you organize everything which decreases your stress levels. 


Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Many entrepreneurs are very busy but not productive. They are always on their toes trying to respond to tons of emails and meetings.


Where and How Can You Find a Perfect One?

Now you know the reasons why you need a virtual assistant; you have to know WHERE you can find a perfect one and HOW are you going to hire a virtual assistant. 

There are a lot of websites you can visit to find a Virtual Assistant.



What Are Your Expectations?

List and identify the tasks you want your Virtual Assistant to do and ask specific questions during the interview about the skills you are looking for to find out if the applicant’s skills match your job requirement.


How Much a Virtual Assistant Will Cost You?

The virtual assistant rates range from $3 an hour to as high as $75 an hour. The cost of a virtual assistant may vary depending on the experience and skill set. The higher you pay the higher quality and broad knowledge you will get. This is the reason why you have to figure out what specific skills you need from your virtual assistant during the assessment interview.

Being specific with your requirements is important to ensure to get the right fit. Hiring a Virtual Assistant will support your day-to-day operations and let you focus on what you do best.