If your relationship with your VA is like this, what would you do?

You were told that when hiring an employee good relationship and success necessitate engagement, personal appearances, constant attention to the feed.
But what if we told you that hiring an employee does not have to be this tedious? You could do things The VA Hub way: break the stigma, promote personal strength, build trust and empower online working relationships.
Today we would like to share with you an interview we initiated with one of our very own clients, Lizbeth Hale. She is a realtor from Portland who decided to hire, Edwin, one of our virtual assistants from The VA Hub.


What’s it like working with each other?
LIZBETH: Edge has a great personality, always ready to help and willing to learn. I knew he was the right assistant from the second I saw him on the interview.” 
Lizbeth Hale Principal Broker/Business Coach
EDGE: He declares, “It’s never a dull day.” Edge has been under Lizbeth’s employ for almost half a year now and he can confidently finish tasks even without start-of-day instructions. “If she wants something done right away, she knows I’m always ready to help.” His tasks include, marketing Lizbeth’s listing websites, social media pages, video tour editing and more.
LIZBETH: “We communicate via skype just about every half hour. It is great to be able to reach him over the phone and Skype.”
Communicating online is a straight to the point process that might be called unconventional by someone else; someone without strong emotional stability and understanding.
How would you describe your relationship?
LIZBETH: “Friendly, positive and professional.” The VA Hub is a company that provides top-notch virtual assistants and skilled workers. We connect our hardworking clients with the best Executive Virtual Assistants carefully chosen among thousands of applicants. Our VAs do not only have the optimum skillset needed to perform their job efficiently, they are also equipped with compassion, proper behavior and intellectual aptitude.


LIZBETH: “He [Edge] has been able to take a huge load off my shoulders by doing all of my social media, billing for my REO listings, keep track of my listings, open houses, scheduling utilities, ordering signs, making calls for me. I know that I can trust him to get the work done and he will always go the extra mile to do things right and on time.”
Edge Dimalanta
EDGE: Working from home changed his life. Eliminating the daily expenses of having to go to and from the office, getting to spend more time with his family and having plenty of opportunity for advancement within the company are just Edge’s most valued reflections about working online. “I am relaxed, in my zone.”
EDGE : “I’m very grateful to The VA Hub for introducing me to her [Lizbeth]. I’m very grateful for this job.” It’s not your typical office set up but Edge feels more inclined to do more than he is required. “Lizbeth relies on me. The appreciation she shows me makes me want to give back 101 percent back to her. It allows me to bring out more from me to give.”
LIZBETH: “I had hired other VA’s on other companies and they were never as well trained as Edge has been. I was frustrated and had given up on VA’s because of my past experience. But TVH has changed my perspective in hiring VA’s and I am glad I gave it another try. I would highly recommend TVH and Edge to get the job done.”
When we started operations last year, we had a clear vision for the company: deliver the greatest, most cost-effective service with extraordinary quality at a competitive price.
Today, The VA Hub is one of the Philippines’ most trusted VA companies and the go-to service provider of real estate agents, entrepreneurs, business owners from many lines of business.
We never stand still – we work continuously to improve our knowledge, skills and systems. As we grow, a crucial objective for us is to hire the people we need to grow and to ensure we have the right platforms and benefits to not only retain them, but enable them to perform at their best.
We remain committed to our founding vision firmly. We love what we do and we invite you to become a part of it.

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