Building and Maintaining Client Relationships

The success of a B2B company like The VA Hub pivots largely on strong client relationships. Outstanding connections constitute a core value for our business, and we always aim to become a trusted partner of our clients, rather than seeing ourselves as a vendor. We have been able to separate ourselves from the competition through strong professional relationships, and our level of service is one of the very reasons clients continue to work with us.
When asked about his relationship with his client, Cody Famador, one of The VA Hub’s top-rated VAs, said “I am very happy and comfortable working for Shuan. She is easy to get along with and a very influential and inspiring leader to the group. She is not intimidating but rather very supportive so you won’t be afraid to ask her for clarifications and directions on how she wants things done.”
His client, Shuan Manous is a real estate agent from Atlanta. She is a member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors distinguished Multi- Million Dollar Club and a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. She is a “Top Producing Agent” at the Keller Williams Peachtree Road office which successfully closed 1 billion dollars in sales volume for 2015 and was ranked #12 in the Southeast Region for Individual Agents. Shuan is the Realtor of choice for athletes, entertainers, executives, and distinguished professionals.
She has had Cody under her employ for almost a year and feels she and Cody have a great relationship.  “He is definitely a great addition to the team.. he’s family!” 
The old adage of “Out of sight, out of mind” holds good when it comes to maintaining good work relationships. Cody makes sure his client is kept aware of the latest updates in his work, company policies and other important news.
     “One of the biggest obstacles I have getting work done, is not having enough time during the day.  Because Cody is part-time some work doesn’t get addressed during his shift.  However, Cody prioritize his tasks and will complete task according to that level of importance.”
Cody recognized this challenge and found a way to help himself function better as a VA , “..due to the sheer number of communication that Shuan handles on a day to day basis, sometimes she misses some messages that I send to her, but I have made it a point to remind her or to let her know of those when we talk. My limited working hours for her can also get in the ways sometimes since not all the tasks can be completed in a part-time schedule.“ He is Shuan’s Executive Assistant which means he is responsible for organizing her personal and professional calendar. In addition, he also does lead generation and follow ups, Social Media Management, and other administrative tasks.
We asked Cody what it is like working with his TVH client, “Throughout my working relationship with Shuan, I have grown accustomed to how she prefers things done and our communication is good, because of her personality and talents, I do not only respect her as my leader and boss but also a dear and valued friend.” They both value the importance of regularly communicating with each other “We communicate on a regular basis and if necessary, we are able to maximize the use of email and calling.”
In addition to timely and thorough communication, Shuan and Cody makes sure that they both feel comfortable being open and honest with each other, and that their ideas and concerns will be taken seriously.
We took this opportunity to ask Shuan for feedback on Cody’s work “Cody is AMAZING!  His proficiency makes my life stress-free.  I feel confident giving him a task and knowing it will be done at a 100%.  Cody has truly exceeded my expectations.” 

They also both agree that The VA Hub has been knowledgeable, professional and helpful from the first time we made contact until today. “..whenever I need guidance or assistance, may it skill or technically related, someone from The VA hub will always guide me and point me in the right direction.”
Forming strong relationships in every area of life is an essential component to success so it is always worthwhile to reflect on what truly makes any kind of relationship last.
If you’re having second thoughts about hiring a virtual assistant, we hope that Cody and Shuan can lean you towards making the right decision today.



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