Why are Professionals Afraid of Outsourcing Jobs to a VA?

Nowadays, it is very common for online businesses to outsource their jobs to a VA or Virtual Assistant. According to a research conducted by Time Doctor, Upwork (formerly Elance and Odesk), Freelancer, and 99Designs have shown significant revenue growth in recent years.

Despite this why are clients hesitant in hiring a professional VA? Here are some of the reasons why Businesses are afraid of hiring VAs:

1. Some clients think it’s slave labor

This is a hotly debated topic when it comes to outsourcing. Based on the Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary in the Philippines is around 900 USD while in the United States it’s a little over 6000 USD. Now these numbers are not absolute and still very subjective since majority of the working population in the Philippines do not hold an executive position, taking that into account, an average Filipino worker earns around 500 to 600 USD a month. Compared to what an average American earns you will start to see why people see outsourcing as exploitation.
How to conquer the fear : Though the difference in numbers are apparent, let’s not forget that the US is a highly developed country with a high cost of living, comparing this in the Philippines, 600 USD a month is already considered a medium to high paying job. Compared to most of the country, YOU as the client are already providing decent pay for you VA.

2. Data security

To put it simply, the idea of trusting your business information to someone on the other side of the globe is quite scary. You will never know when your VA will just disappear, never knowing what they will do with the information they acquired from you.
How to conquer the fear : Hire someone from a trusted agency. There are a lot of VA agencies available in the market and they usually have contingency plans and contracts in place to protect their clients in such cases.

3. The delegated tasks will not be finished on time

This is still a possibility and a huge risk especially if you are hiring someone for the first time. The task might be too big for your new team member and might overwhelm him/her.
How to conquer the fear : Take the time to teach your VA on how you want the job to be done. Be always on the loop on what your VA is up to like asking for a report at the end of the day on what tasks were accomplished. This should give you a sense of control and reassures you that tasks are still on track.
Remember, your primary purpose in outsourcing a job to a VA is to grow your business. It can help you save time, make your team more efficient and lower your overall costs. Understand the benefits of outsourcing for YOUR business and engage the right resources to help you out.
Contributor: Vern Devin Acosta
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