Making Life Easier With a Virtual Assistant

The world is now filled with entrepreneurs, anywhere you go there are different businesses, and if there is one thing they are afraid of, it is hiring a virtual assistant. So often entrepreneurs thought that hiring a full-time physical employee is the only option they have, but the fact is most professional relationships now are virtual and almost all the business transactions are conducted virtually through email, skype, zoom, and other communication applications.

If you make it to this page, we already know that you are thinking of hiring a virtual assistant and we are giving you exactly what you need! Realizing that you need help is just a start.

Have you ever felt that you are loaded with too much work? Are you thinking of ways to make your life easier? Do you need more time with your family? Then, you are in the right place at the right time!

Now, you may ask yourself why do I need one? Why don’t I just hire an employee whom I can talk to face-to-face? Right? Let me tell you some advantages of hiring a virtual assistant and why you should hire one just right now.

“Finally, a virtual assistant I trust to represent me and my business“

– Bill Harrison, Founder, and COE, Boldly Epicom Inc.

Wouldn’t you want to experience the same luxury of having a virtual assistant? Here at The VA Hub, we didn’t just hire virtual assistants, we train and mold them to be world-class virtual assistants that will suit you and your business.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant today.

Lower the cost of your business

As far as a business concern, one of the main goals is to reduce operational costs. During this pandemic, it’s hard to reduce costs and keep up with rising expenses. Good thing we have virtual assistants to help you. Hiring a virtual assistant can save you from paying taxes, allocate rental office space, and types of equipment such as a computer and internet provider because they are working at home and they are fully equipped before they apply.

Do you know what’s best? If you hire a virtual assistant, you are paying three times cheaper than your full-time employee! You read that right! Virtual assistant rates range from $3 up to $100 per hour worldwide, however, their hourly rates depend on various core factors such as the experience they have, the workload they do, and the duration of projects you assigned them.

Increase the level of your productivity

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is like.hitting two birds with one stone. As we said, it decreases the costs of your business but it also increases the level of your productivity where you can achieve more profitability.

CTrip conducted a study on their employees and it showed that 13% of their employees worked better at home, and this study encouraged a lot of big companies to consider virtual employees to be part of their business strategy. As the study continues, the company saved $11,000 annually per employee. Now, that’s huge!

Having just one virtual assistant can help you a lot because each one of them is a professional that is skilled in multiple areas which he/she can help you by doing a lot of tasks while you focus on the core of your business.

Improve efficiency by doing more work in less time

Your virtual assistant is not just your employee but also your partner in growing your business. Every virtual assistant is flexible and professional; they are the ones who can do your repetitive daily or weekly tasks such as answering phone calls, email management, travel and accommodation reservations, data entry, and market research. This is having your job done in less time, and since you are giving it to them by tasks they are doing it with efficiency.

Business flexibility

Having the flexibility goes both ways for you and your virtual assistant. They are flexible because they are working at home and you can be flexible by allowing them to manage your working hours that would benefit your business. There are a lot of tasks you can assign to them so you can have a flexible schedule.

If you are running 24/7 customer service, then having a virtual assistant is the best decision for you because there are virtual assistants all over the world and you can hire someone that has a different time zone than yours so that all the queries and customer service issues can be resolved in no time.

Achieve balance in life and make your life easier

This is the most satisfying thing you will experience when hiring a virtual assistant. You can have a balance in life because they can offer you the benefit of time. You can now explore the world, be with your family, and have your business running all at the same time. When you finally achieve balance in life and focus on the things that matter the most, you will become more productive. Life is not all about work, if your life circulates with working and paying bills then you exist but not live. We have to experience life in order for us to live.

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