Top 3 Reasons Why Employers Still Need To Hire Humans

Have you ever wondered about a world where we don’t have to work? — The freedom to do anything you want, when and how you want it. This could be possible soon, maybe with the help of advanced technologies and machines that would replace humans in carrying out tasks, and employers won’t need to hire humans ever again. Though this idea is pleasing to some, it would also contribute to the economy’s downfall.

According to Maciej Górny (2018), work is an inseparable part of our lives for us to survive. We live in a reality where we need to work to survive, to provide for our needs and families, and to put food on the table. Because of our work, we were able to evolve as a species and contribute to one of humanity’s greatest inventions — artificial intelligence, or AI. The Philippines is the most sought-after country for virtual assistant roles since the current population is made up of young, goal-driven professionals, and they are also known for their strong work ethic and loyalty to their respective companies (Bossjob, 2019).

Why do companies still need to hire us?

It is no secret that robots and computers have proven to be far better than us humans at executing tasks, since they are 10x more precise and efficient than humans by their very nature, but they can never eliminate us from the picture. Many careers, fortunately, entail more than just one task. Jobs requiring soft skills such as empathy, communication, creativity, strategic and critical thinking, and imaginativeness, in particular, are difficult for AI to accomplish. Here are some skills that employers still need to hire us for so that the business industry and the world will keep on striving.

Critical Thinking

The ability to think critically is one of the soft talents that humans possess and AI lacks. While technology has progressed to the point that it can do jobs with incredible speed and precision, it is still far from capable of critical thought. When AI is taught to execute normal activities, it is unable to make judgments when confronted with situations that are outside of its knowledge base.

Creativity and Imagination

AI has advanced to the point that it can now produce creative works such as art, music, and even literature in recent years. These artworks, on the other hand, lack a particular human element. AI can only produce creative things by imitating input, and it does so without understanding or consciousness. Nothing however, compares to a one-of-a-kind, inventive creation.

Empathy and Communication Skills

Another benefit that humans have is their ability to empathize and communicate effectively. Humans have the ability to relate and comprehend one another in ways that machines will not be able to do anytime soon. As a result, professions that need great communication and empathy are unlikely to be mechanized. Consider how healthcare, education, and other professionals work.

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