Ways to Use Social Media to your SEO Advantage


If you think SEO and social media aren’t related, think again.

Effective social media marketing takes a consumer to a website; effective SEO practices aid consumers to find that website and to maintain engagement.

Do you want to achieve your own results? Here are four ways to pull social media for SEO:

  1. Acquire the right kind of followers.

Your followers on social media are very much like links from the SEO stance: it isn’t so much about the quantity as it is the quality. To obtain these followers, refuse to purchase them. Consistently build your social media presence, encourage users to follow you for special offers, and offer good content to achieve an increase in social following.

100%, a large, good-quality social following can increase website traffic and give you higher quality traffic with a greater ROI.

  1. Social media for external link-building.

To piggyback off the last point, the more followers you have, the bigger the potential for shares you have as well. This means the more shares on social media you have, the more chances people will see your content and link to it.

Put extra effort on creating content original, thought-provoking, full of answers, easy to read and has a strong headline. Always include a link back to your main domain. If you create high-quality content that gains traction on social media, both consumers and other websites will position your link, which greatly helps your SEO. To best scope your target audience, take advantage of content marketing tools.

  1. Build your brand.

Don’t just share content. Ensure that everything you post reflects your company’s mission and core values. If you don’t have a mission or core values expressly stated, we suggest making a mission statement and three to four core values for every single post to relate to.

At the same time, don’t make every post overly promotional or salesy. This provides an entertaining aspect.

Even if followers aren’t initially clicking on social media paid ads, this tactic is beneficial as we tend to click on the brands we know, not random brands we’ve never heard of. That means, the bigger your brand recognition is and the more consumers trust you, the more likely you are to receive a larger share of clicks online. The more clicks you get on Google from your new social audience, the higher you will rank.

  1. Engage locally.

One big thing search engines look for is how well you are engaging with your local community. Update your accounts whenever your company gets involved in a local event. Take pictures of these events or run live videos. Post and comment on social channels and encourage people to do the same. Share their best content and seek out guest blog opportunities.

As you do this, you’ll concurrently gain the trust of Google and potential clients in your area.



If you aren’t using social media, you aren’t doing SEO right.

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