By: Precious Lyn Gotengco


We have come a long way since the traditional way of marketing through radio, newspaper, and the works. Social media platforms have evolved from being just leisure into becoming a major source of potential clients. 


Trends that went well:

Paid social media ads and Influencers

  • Social media platforms are pools of potential leads, a lot of people are investing more in paid advertisements and popular social media Influencers.

Going live 

  • Video story content is the king. Let’s take a look at Tiktok as an example.


  • If you are doing your marketing right, you may be receiving too many queries for you to answer in a day, this is where chatbots come in.



Trends that didn’t work out:

Fake posts and likes

  • Social media platforms have found a way to determine whether the likes or posts are legitimate.

AI-driven customer service

  • Goodbye Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. At least for now.

Less emphasis on “vanity metrics”

  • Clients now realize that numbers are not the goal. It’s to have an impact you intended to deliver to your target audience.



Many Virtual Assistants are investing more in acquiring different sets of skills to be more versatile and slowly adapting to American culture to engage more with their clients in the US. Hence, the virtual assistant rates have gone up since last year. So, make the change now and consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to increase your online visibility and traffic on your websites. Let your brand be known!


Source: https://www.smallrevolution.com/virtual-assistant-salary/