Why foreign companies love to hire Filipinos

We’ve seen a boom in the outsourcing industry. The pandemic taught us to do most things online (e.g. shopping, applying for work, banking, booking flights, etc.), and hiring virtual assistants is becoming the norm.

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate — from overseeing daily activities, identifying business opportunities, arranging financing to reviewing Sales. So, considering hiring an assistant is practical to help you manage and grow your business. 

Nowadays, the Philippines is one of the top sources of remote workers and virtual assistants. Virtual assistant jobs are now in demand, making the outsourcing industry in the Philippines grow. There are tons of businesses hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines. So, why are they choosing to hire Filipinos? What special abilities or skills do Filipinos have?

What makes the Philippines a great place to source virtual assistants?

  1. The Filipinos are Fluent English Speakers

In any transaction, communication is an important factor, especially between an employer and employee. In the Philippines, English is the primary medium of instruction and is considered a secondary language. 

  1. Filipinos Have a High Literacy Rate

At 98.18 (https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/PHL/philippines/literacy-rate), the Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. This guarantees that the virtual assistant you are going to work with can comprehend and easily understand instructions.

  1. Filipinos are Diligent

Filipinos value hard work, giving constant effort to accomplish something, and understand that prosperity comes from doing a good job. They are known to be attentive and persistent in doing any tasks assigned to them.

  1. Filipinos are Culturally Adaptable

Some of the most flexible and adaptable workers in the world are Virtual assistants from the Philippines. Having dealt with colonizers and foreign merchants for hundreds of years, it’s innate for Filipinos to adapt to the cultures they are working into. 

Why is it convenient to hire virtual assistants in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a developing country making working rates generally low compared to fast-progressing countries like the US. Salary rates will depend on the educational attainment and experience but expect to be quoted lower hourly rates for a virtual assistant from the Philippines than what you would pay for a local VA

The most attractive reasons for business owners to choose Philippine virtual assistants over domestic talents are the low cost of labor for the same skill levels and quality of work.

Virtual assistant’s salaries are based on three criteria:

– Set of skills

– Years of experience

– Job role

The monthly salary ranges for Filipino Virtual Assistants.

Basic VA — general administrative tasks like data entry, basic research, scheduling, managing emails, etc. — $3 to $6 per hour

Advanced VA — this requires doing more than just repetitive tasks, and likely involves advanced research skills, critical thinking, and particular expertise — $7 to $12per hour

Creative VA — this comprises all creative outputs such as content or blog writing, web design, graphic design, web development, and marketing campaigns — hourly rates range from $9 to $26 and beyond for highly specialized work. 

The rates mentioned are only a guide to provide you a general idea of the cost of hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines but it is up to you as the virtual boss to decide how much you will pay your virtual staff.

How to hire and manage virtual assistants from the Philippines?

Finding virtual assistants these days is easy. You just have to go online and check the websites of outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Sign up and coordinate with any of the business advisors to assist you in the process of getting you the perfect hire and how to manage your VA. The real challenge is finding the right people or the right company to assist and provide you with a qualified VA.

Have you decided to hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines? Need assistance on easy processing of hiring a VA and work with a VA that meets your demand? 

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