Virtual Assistants – What can they do for your business?

Real estate..  Since childhood – aside from a common dream of getting married and settling down, everyone has envisioned themselves purchasing their dream house.

Now imagine those “everyone” going to your business to fulfil their dreams.  That’s pure income heaven  – well until you get to the rigor of what you need to do and papers to accomplish for those dreamy clients.


We all know that part – it really is hard work from start to finish.  It’ll be a back breaker if you do these tasks for several  clients at the same time.  To maintain these happy clients and your sanity, you would need someone really reliable and who would know the ins and outs of the process.  But we all know it’s not going to be cheap to get that extra set of hands.  It would entail a new workstation, accomplishing papers from hiring to ensuring government work papers are all in place, etc.  These tasks would not mean a thing if you have your own human resources department and your business can afford the expenses.  But if you’re just starting to grow your business – well that’s a totally different ballgame.

#1  Prepare seminar and presentation materials for you.

To get more clients, you would need to do some presentations about what people need to know about buying or selling their house.  Your virtual assistant can, not only create these Powerpoint presentations for you, but can also do your handouts, leaflets, online advertisements, and even book the place where you want to hold your seminar.

#2  Create and maintain a blog for your business.

Virtual assistants are trained to create blogs.  You can either ask them to do these blogs via wordpress.com and then move it to your own domain, or you can ask them to do it directly from your business domain.  These blogs can talk property listings and how your potential client will be able to buy/sell their house.

#3  Do some research for you.

VAs can do the necessary research to fit the needs of the clients in owning a house.  They can do research on schools and other necessary establishments near the area.  They can also check out what type of businesses the neighbours are running – just in case there are businesses that the clients wouldn’t want close to their homes.

#4 Do document trailing and phone/email follow ups.

VAs are definitely trained for these tasks as most virtual assistants already has experience in doing over the phone conversations.  These VAs can list and track all the documents needed for the real estate process and be able to move those documents from pending to completed items within the necessary timeframe.

Then again, these are just some of the tasks your virtual assistant can do for your real estate business. Check them out, set up some interviews, and most likely – you will get someone who will be an integral part of your company.

Contributor:  Alma Almira Jucutan
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