Understanding the Social Media Equation

Whether you run a B2B or business-to-consumer company, you should use social media to improve brand awareness and ultimately, to generate leads.  To do this effectively, you must understand that the key to social media success is not to get caught up on the tools and technology, but to focus on how you can use these platforms more effectively to:

  • grow brand visibility
  • establish and nurture your professional networks
  • cultivate relationships with clients and influencers
  • participate in real-time interaction with people
  • distribute original content that exhibits your expertise
  • share curated content that adds value to the lives of your consumers
  • generate new leads and boost sales

Envision social media in two very important parts.

Social media participation – being present on social channels and continuously delivering value to the community in the form of:

  • sharing User Generated Content
  • responding to people’s questions whether they’re related to your business or not
  • participating in online discussions
  • adding genuinely interesting and relevant comments on selective blogs you read and podcasts you listen to
  • promoting other people’s businesses and causes that could be good for you via your networks.


REMEMBER. Before jumping into conversations on social networks, it is imperative that you:

  • first listen
  • assess the circumstances carefully
  • try and get accustomed with the degrees of the particular network on which you aim to become active.


Creation and distribution of unique content that enlightens, empowers, teaches and/or entertains – content that will appeal to the right people.
To be effective, content issued and promoted via social media has to be created with the target audience in mind, which is why you must first understand who you’re communicating with and which social platforms they are most likely in.


The most popular forms of social media are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.


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