The VA Hub’s Recruitment Process



The foundation and central point in the success of the methods used by The VA Hub to screen and select our candidates is having outrivaling team members with a clear and efficient way of thinking and evaluating, and are also passionate to meeting the company and client objectives. The VA Hub understands the importance of these elements, warranting only merited candidates are chosen.


Some competitors tend to recommend dozens of candidates; our objective is to be more effective by methodically testing and assessing candidates before recommending them to clients. In fact, we average one placement for every 50 applicants screened. Here are some of what we look for during deliberation:

Are they an excellent VA candidate?

– Technologically knowledgeable

– Promotable with quantifiable accomplishments

– Professional, respectable attitude, intelligent and coherent

– Versatile

– Trainable and open to learning

Are they the right candidate for a specific client?

– Fit to aligned values for our clients from different LOBs

– Experience in resolving relevant problems

Is the client a good match for the VA?

– Strong management and understanding of how to develop and direct employees

– Believes the candidates’ short-term and long-term goals are attainable

– The VA can thrive in the remote working environment effortlessly





Our VAs are not numbers or a means to an end. Thorough and personal interviews allow us to uncover a lot about an individual. Not only do we aim to discover more about their skills and employment history, but our Recruitment and HR teams with years of experience and techniques help us understand better which traits will help our VAs and clients succeed and thrive.



We check a minimum of two character references on every candidate, always striving to speak with former team leads or supervisors to measure their dependability, truthfulness and proficiencies.



The VA Hub makes use of examinations and tests carefully curated based on many influences including remote working culture, technical knowledge, reading comprehension, etc. We are able to assess capabilities in areas ranging from sales expertise to marketing terminology to real estate knowledge!



Background checks are performed on every The VA Hub employee before they are hired. Personality tests are conducted and submitted along with their CVs. Drug screens are performed post-hire and at client’s discretion.



Their computer system should not be shared with anyone else and should be dedicated for work only.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating system – Windows 7 or Mac OSX
CPU – 4th generation Intel i3 processor or equivalent
Memory – 4GB RAM
Internet Speed: Running on a 3.0 MBPS plan or higher (Both primary and backup) – If your backup connection cannot serve as your primary connection, that does not qualify as a backup connection
ISP: DSL, Fiber or Cable Internet ONLY
Headset: Noise cancelling headset connected via USB port
Webcam: At least 3 megapixels



Our job does not end when our VAs are hired by a client. We understand that unhappy clients don’t complain, they just don’t come back! This is why we have a hard-working and amicable Client Services Team to keep track of their relationship and progress. In light of that we periodically conduct performance tests and roll-out surveys to ensure the fit is right! Your utmost openness is welcome!


Our candidate selection process is unique and arguably the best in the industry.
Better screening. Better candidates.
So you can do more, work less.
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