Valuable life lessons you can learn from trekking

By Aura Baterna



1. Never Compare Your Progress to Others

Others may be ahead of you right now and it makes you feel frustrated and think of yourself as a failure. You are not a failure but we all just have our timeline. As long as you’re walking and trying towards your goal, you are not yet too late to achieve your dreams. Never also compare yourself to those who are behind you. This is also the danger of comparing yourself to others. You may also think that you are better than those people who are behind you. They are not less successful compared to you. They too have their own pace and battles they are fighting every day just to take one step forward. After all, life is not a race of who will get first to achieve their goal.

2. Enjoy the Journey Towards Your Goal

I realized that enjoying little things in life is as important as celebrating your big achievements in life. Little things also matter. Enjoy your journey with the people you met along your way. They may be lifetime companions or life lessons. Appreciate their presence. Celebrate your little achievements and don’t take them for granted. Small things are great things.

3. Respect

Every mountain has its people living with a unique culture. Respecting the mountain as you trek also means that you respect the people living.



If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit.



4. You Will Never Experience the Peak of Your Happiness Without Experiencing Hardships First

When I reached the mountain’s peak, I looked back and saw how hard I fought and how many times I stumbled before I made it. It made me realize that If I have overcome the mountain, so are those life’s difficulties. That was how happy I was that very moment. The road was not easy but it was so fulfilling when I reached the peak. All the hardships I had been through were nothing compared to the happiness I felt when I reached the peak. Truly, I would never appreciate and feel extreme happiness if I just let myself be stuck and give up. As I watched the stars above, I let myself be in awe of the beauty of God’s masterpiece. I never thought I would overcome the mountain and whispered to myself how beautiful life is despite its trials. As I see the darkness of the sky covering the mountain, I always knew that the sun would rise again and bring a new day. 

Give yourself a break you deserve. Being in the business industry is also like trekking. You will experience a lot of ups and downs, defeats, and victories but what is important is you will not give up even if you fail. 

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