The Fears of Outsourcing Jobs to a VA

An emerging trend in outsourcing is acquiring a virtual assistant. Outsourcing jobs to a VA increases your productivity and efficiency. It allows you to look for the optimum talent available worldwide. Moreover, it saves you an enormous amount of money. Therefore, assigning schedule-robbing tasks means that you are procuring time. So, why do professionals fear in outsourcing jobs to a virtual assistant?

There are countless reasons for outsourcing jobs to a virtual assistant, however, it can be tough to verify if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Being misled regarding the idea of outsourcing is frequently a huge factor of being afraid of outsourcing jobs to a VA. There is always a risk when hiring a new worker of any kind, and there are things you can do to minimize the risks you will be taking on.The list of fears encompassing outsourcing can be lengthy, but those fears can be reduced.


Here are just a few of the fears that you may have associated to outsourcing jobs to a VA along with insights of why they shouldn’t be fears at all.


The fear of picking the wrong VA to handle tasks for your business’ growth needs is common. However, you can take certain safety measures to make sure you’re contented with whom you choose. It aids to have a reliable partner that understands your business situation and has the experience and expertise to lessen your fears.

Select your VA wisely. Instead of just selecting the low-priced service, you may consider experience, recommendations and possible language barriers. Also, make sure that the VA will be willing to work on your preferred schedule, and has a strong work-ethics.


One of the toughest things about having a business is to trust it to someone else especially when you put so much attention into your business. It’s never easy to trust somebody you haven’t met in person most especially when it comes to choosing someone to work with. Some factors must be taken into consideration.

There are a couple of ways to build trust with your VA. You may begin your connection with a contract which is a common practice in most businesses. It may contain terms and agreements on what will happen in case of a discrepancy, providing you options if things will go wrong. It will also protect both of you and will help set clear expectations. You may start accepting your VA by gradually giving tasks for a restricted time or small projects. Then, you may then start to let go a little more, even significant personal business information. Eventually, you will never notice that you already built up confidence to trust your VA wholly.


This may be a huge risk for professionals who hire a VA for the first time. Not being able to set proper expectations might lead to incomplete tasks. However, you may minimize the risk by being updated on what your VA is doing. You may ask for regular reports from your VA so that you will know that the assigned task was done. This will also reassure you that things are done right in a timely manner.

A Virtual Assistant can become one of the finest assistants and business partners you can ever have. Imagine how it feels when you realize you have found someone you can count on. You’ll know that your plans are attainable when you are working as a team. You can outsource some of the most time-consuming tasks and get back more time for yourself! So if you’re considering a VA for your business, don’t let fear stand in your way. Perhaps now is the best time for you to find a skilled VA which will help you reduce your workloads. Maybe this is the one thing that has been holding you back.


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Contributor: Yvannaie Fernandez
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