Manage Your Meetings Better With a Virtual Assistant


Are you having some issues managing your time?  Sometimes you wish that there are more than 24 hours in a day because you have so many tasks to do daily for your business. You have meetings to attend, emails to respond to, phone calls, etc.  Do you lose track of your different appointments?

Here are some consequences if you won’t be able to manage your time during the day:

  • You may miss important business meetings;
  • You may have conflicts with your schedule;
  • You may not have time to connect with your clients; and
  • You may forget about important dates like your own birthday.



Time management is really important.  


Have you thought of considering hiring a VA to help you with your day to day activity especially with your meetings?

If not, then you should be thinking of hiring one so you can have the support you need for your business.

But first, what is a “VA”?   When we say “virtual”, it is not someone you see physically but still can do tasks for you using the different types of communications like the internet.

It is like having an executive assistant that will help you with your tasks so you focus more on the most important sides of your business.

One of the most important services that a VA can do is to make sure that you don’t miss any of your appointments during the day by keeping track of your calendar.





As a professional, most of the time you will have to conduct meetings.  It is not only limited to office business meetings but also meetings that are done outside like client meetups, family gathering, etc.

Here are the things that your virtual assistant can do to help you with your meetings:

  • Helping you with your presentations using tools like Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint.  A VA can help you from your research to creating different slides for your presentations;
  • Manages your calendar and your day to day activities to make sure that you don’t miss any of your appointments especially your business meetings.  A VA can help you set up meetings based on your calendar and can send you reminders to make sure that you won’t be late.
  • Your virtual assistant can join your meeting by using different online applications to help you take notes and record data based on the the discussion.



A virtual assistant can definitely help you make your life easier!

Why not consider hiring one now.

Let us help you!

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Contributor: Wednesday Ann B. Geronimo
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