Taking On Fears of Outsourcing tasks to Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing has been around since the 1990s and began its evolution until it became more prominent during the early 2000s. Entrepreneurs big and small took notice of this strategy after it gave positive results to the pioneers. Time went by, businesses expanded and business owners got more things on their plate. Today, we have Virtual Assistants who are self sufficient and are equipped with tools and knowledge to provide quality service in different fields.


The advantages and benefits of having a Virtual Assistant created a huge impact to business owners. However, there are still those who fear outsourcing their tasks to VAs.
Let’s take a look at a few things that business owners dread about and let’s bring our insight to each of them.

I. The tasks are incomplete or quality of work is substandard.

Having somebody work for you remotely always entails a feeling of uneasiness because you don’t have a 360 view of what they are doing. You tend to only rely on their word .
There is always a chance that the mouse would play when the cat is away, but it does not mean the same for Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistants are professionals that had been working in the same field even before they began working from home. The discipline and work ethic that they acquired through their experience would always remain.
To rid yourself of this worry, ask your Virtual Assistant to always keep you updated or request for an End of Day Report to allow you to supervise their work without worrying yourself all day.

II. The tasks are way too important or difficult to be handled by anybody else.

Let us face it, as business owners we sometimes feel that if we want to get things done right then we must do it ourselves. We always have this mentality that the business would not prosper if our hands are not in it. We sometimes carry the bulk of the workload and we get swamped without even noticing it.
Everybody has the feeling that they could be the workplace superhero. Business Owners and even Virtual Assistants alike would feel the same way. Virtual Assistants has to uphold the quality of work that you put in your business and there main job is to match it or sometimes even surpass it. Virtual Assistants take their job seriously and work with the instructions that you gave to the letter. Providing clear expectations and precise instructions could come a long way. Think about it as having a double who does the heavy work for you while you do more work yourself.

What is your fear? What are the things that holds you back in outsourcing a job to a VA? Let us know! Send us an email at today and let’s talk about how you can reap the rewards and grow your business.

Contributor: Emmanuel Anatado
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