Nine Effective Ways to Market Yourself

Here is a secret – building and endorsing your own brand is just as important for your career and happiness as it is for any other business. The digital market is a competitive place and having the right skills will not always be enough to secure a sale. You must know how to market yourself effectively to get noticed by creating a personal brand that helps you stand out in the crowd.


  1. Distinguish your target markets

When you are establishing your brand, only focus on a few, promising targets. You will receive the greatest come up for your time and money if you identify the segments of your target demographics where you are likely to reach the greatest rewards, and then pursuing them.


  1. Identify your marketplace

Always keep in mind that your brand is only as good as you are. Study your marketplace and stay updated. The moment you start to fall behind is the moment your personal brand will begin to fail.


  1. Be ‘out there’

Building a brand should mean getting out and becoming visible to the public; your potential clients. We recommend that you attend networking events, join groups and become active in your local and online community. The more visible you become, the stronger your brand will be.


  1. Be a source of relevant and important information

Become someone people go to when they want expert advice or information on a topic. When you form a following as an industry expert, you put yourself in place to be viewed as a reliable authority, which will attract more people to you.


  1. Give back

Do this to gain the personal satisfaction that comes from doing it and you will build the kind of brand following that money can’t ever buy. People will remember and your personal brand will benefit as a result.


  1. Participate in proper networking etiquette

Networking is about marketing yourself, but never forget that it’s also about giving others the chance to market themselves to you. Keep your networking efforts advantageous to both you and to the people with whom you are networking with.


  1. Maintain and develop efficient social media profiles

Do not stop when you achieve your target numbers. Keep your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts active and relevant.


  1. Create a network database

Keep an up-to-the-minute listing or database of all your networking contacts and active social media connections.


  1. Have a clear message to deliver

Have a pitch and be ready to delievr at a moment’s notice when the opportunity presents itself. How can you help people? What is your intention? Why should clients work with you?



Building and promoting a brand is all about creating momentum and then nourishing it over a long period of time. There is a reason some of the most renowned brands are often tangled to the reputation of the person behind them. Once you get the ball rolling, then keep it rolling.

We all have a voice and a story and the opportunity to build a following and a strong client-base.

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