By: Reinne Serrano


I am a woman in her 20’s and living in a family-oriented country in the Philippines.

I know a lot of mothers who chose to work from home and left their office life behind to spend more time with their families and take better care of their children.

They do a lot of things to earn and survive during the pandemic. One is by selling online and another is by providing their professional services as a Virtual Assistant.

Although I am not yet a mother like them, I would not deny that they have my utmost respect for being so dedicated and passionate about finding a balance between their family and career.



However, not everyone understands the complicated life of mothers.

There are still some people, especially in the workplace, that have a negative idea about motherhood affecting the quality of work.

Celine Cabannes, a guest writer in The Female Lead shared in her blog post that a client once made an unpleasant remark about her pregnancy making her feel bad and conflicted between her loyalty towards her work and her responsibility towards her child.

Later on, as she finally gave birth, she realized that being a Mom enabled her to gain strengths that she can use to become an effective employee or worker to her clients.


Below are the characteristics of mothers that Celine listed in her blog that turned out to be their strong points as an employee as well.

1. Multi-tasking at an unprecedented level

When she became a mother she was able to master multitasking, allowing her to make use of her time to finish important tasks just before the deadline.


2. Knowing the importance of substance

For her, there is a distinction between “being occupied” and “delivering work”.

The idea of “being occupied” essentially doesn’t exist for mothers like her.

Her employers would not need to worry about the quality of the work that she is going to produce because she values substance in everything she does.


3. Having compassion

Lastly, having a child made Celine vulnerable and authentic that she was now able to connect better with the people around her.

She learned how to listen effectively, delegate tasks properly, and create a positive working mindset.

She believes that being compassionate allowed her to become a better employee that brings value to the company.


Finding a great Virtual Assistant is crucial and is never an easy thing to do.


Entrepreneurs should select someone competent, independent, resourceful, and compassionate.

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Source: https://www.thefemalelead.com/post/mothers-might-make-the-best-employees