Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant

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Working with a Virtual Assistant can be a little risky at times since you don’t get to interact personally with them.  With the rapid rise in the adoption of flexible working arrangements and the consequent growth of the Virtual Assistant industry, you might want to consider getting yourself a VA who can benefit you and your business.

You might be asking yourself “How will I be able to choose the right VA for my business needs?” Worry no more. Here are ways on how to choose the right virtual assistant for you.


If a remote worker contacts you in a rather unprofessional way,  (whether by email, phone call or other) then that’s a good indicator that they’re not on top of their game. First impressions really do count, and if a VA doesn’t go out of his or her way to impress you, then maybe they’re still not ready for the job.


Check and see the works that they have done and if they are a match for your needs. Look for an expert instead of hiring someone who is a “jack of all trades” since they are potentially also a “master of none”. It is best to hire someone who knows where they are best at. 


Check for testimonials and view their work history. This should ideally be in line with what services you want them to provide you with.


It is always best to hire someone who is affiliated with a Virtual Assistant organization like The VA Hub Inc. We offer remote staff and virtual assistant services to the United States. We pride themselves in providing high-functioning executive virtual assistants who can help you grow your business and keep things organized so you can run your business with ease. 

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Working with a VA can be such a liberating experience provided you find the right VA.  Once you have, I guarantee you will never go back to the traditional employee-employer model.

 Contributor: Dannielle Palarca