How Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Should Be

A lot of communications teams can prove that they are strained for resources and members sometimes have to do multiple tasks. This often results to social media being placed at the bottom of the priority list.

Getting your voice out there is an excellent first step. What’s next? Take these strategic building blocks into account as you strategize how to use your dedicated time to your social media activities. If you can incorporate each item in small ways, then you’re already set to implementing an effective social media marketing approach.


Bring your goals into line.


Having a solid reasoning behind your posts will prove that a social media strategy isn’t just about posting. Distributing a message or two does not necessarily mean you contribute to your overall digital strategy or that they align with your overall goals.

Put your overall goals together. If you want to add more audience reach, then set brand awareness objectives. This will allow you to use direct tactics in the most effective ways.



Focus on the platforms that matter.


Remember: you do not need to be in every social media platform. Your time is precious, so don’t spend it unnecessarily. Your social media strategy will be far more effective if you focus on where your target audience is most active.



Outline how you should measure success.


Make sure that the labors you are devoting in social media are giving you the outcomes that you want. Use KPIs to keep you on track and motivated on what you want to accomplish.



Learn from your competition.


Survey the market. Learn what is working satisfactory for others and how their audience is responding to content. This will save you time in having to assess everything yourself.




Build strong content.


Use a variety of both the format (text, images, video) and type (interviews, reports, blogs) of content you launch and include relevant hashtags whenever possible.



Set a schedule.


Sticking to a social media schedule may seem hard to commit to, but it will make you more efficient and promote engagement. Use a reliable social media management tool. Decide what makes the most sense for your goals, time and return on investment.



Track and improve.


Take time at least once a month to look at the numbers. Study your social performance, analyze data and improve.



With the above goals, metrics, network preferences and competitive landscape, you are well positioned to begin creating valuable social content that resonates with your audience and moves your strategic goals forward.


Time is money, so you need to be as strategic as you possibly can to return profit. Be cautious in your approach. Avoid posting just for posting’s sake. Remain focused on reaching your goals, and your social media activities will merit the effort you put into them.


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