How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You In Real Estate Transactions

In today’s generation, most people prefer to work from the comforts of their home. Most of them are called Virtual Assistants or simply, VA.  What is a VA? – An independent and highly-skilled person who can remotely do administrative, technical and/or business support services using online tools and by doing the job remotely.

Real estate industry is currently one of the most profitable industries and it requires a lot of online processes either from the side of the seller or the side of the buyer. This is where clients tend to hire VA’s so they could get the mundane tasks done in an exemplary manner.

Here are some real estate tasks a VA can help you with.

1. Blogging and Link Building

VA’s can rummage through the web as their easiest source to find materials and articles to help promote their blog.
Link building is also a very beneficial but also a very tedious task.  Having a blogger share or post a specific website requires a relationship between the two parties.

2. Data Entry

VA’s help update listings on a client’s specified platform or application such as Zillow.  This is a lengthy job that requires outsourcing.

3. Scheduling and Calendar Management

There are VA’s that handle multiple transactions at a time for just one client.  They make sure to organize and prioritize important tasks, meetings and appointments by managing a calendar.

4. Listing Research

Being a VA means you have to be very resourceful and most importantly, updated with the latest information about the listings. They should know the specific details about a property.

5. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Having an active social media account and keeping it updated is one of the ideal ways to promote the business.  VA’s are there to generate followers and let them engage to boost a specific content or property.

6. Lead Research

As a Real Estate VA, they do a great deal of research on the leads that they are about to sell the property to.  Getting information about a lead may save some time for problems that may occur in the future.

7. Graphic Design

VA’s can also be of help in constructing Real Estate flyers, signage, show sheets, postcards or anything that the client needs to boost their market.


Contributor: Mary Grace Mayang
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