Hiring a Part-Time VA


The more hours we spend time working, the more hours we lose for completing more important tasks. This is why more and more people are looking to hire a part-time assistant to help with their workload.  But what are the benefits of hiring an assistant part time?  Do you need to be a multi-millionaire to afford one?


Hiring a part time personal assistant gives you flexibility.  With a modest budget of $193.80

a week, you could hire a remote PA to manage 4 hours of emails, calendar and other admin duties.  They don’t have to come into your property, because in the digital world we operate in, most things can be done remotely.


A part time VA can dedicate this time so you can free up yours, giving you those precious hours back to spend time with your family, relax or focus on your business.

Time is Money

Do more. Work less. That’s our promise and we are committed to delivering that. Time is a valuable resource. It is always better to do things as quickly as possible and if you can’t then it is definitely good to hire a part-time assistant.

How to Hire a Part Time Personal Assistant?

  1. Decide what you need.Is it 4 hours per day or 40 hours per week?  Does the PA need to be in your office, or can they work remotely?  Write down everything you need.
  2. Distinguish your biggest time drains.When you have these identified, your part-time VA will be able to focus on these tasks so you can free up your time.
  3. Write a job specification.Keep it clear and detailed. If you are self-recruiting, make sure you check character references and fully vet the applicant.  Alternatively, you can work with The VA Hub to give you peace of mind.
  4. Interview.  Your part time personal assistant will often represent you – they will be your voice and send emails on your behalf, so it is important you feel that they reflect you and your brand.
  5. Give them a short trial.  This is key to identifying if they are the right person for the job. Ask a TVH business advisor about it.
  6. Give them job security, and in return, they will give you job commitment.  Ideally, you want them to commit to a long term position as it will take your time and energy getting them to speed. And hiring a replacement is also very time consuming.


Some Extra Tips

  • Develop good communication.  Your part-time assistant can only be as good as the communication they receive, especially if they are working remotely. It’s vital you clearly communicate what you need and ensure that clear follow-ups are made, otherwise, they could lose precious time doing tasks which aren’t relevant.
  • Reward them.  This could be small gifts or bonuses or just regular reviews and positive feedback. All personal assistants like to feel they are doing a good job, and if you reward them with your gratefulness they will reward you with hard work!
  • Do things by the book. Make sure you check with your local government guidelines and do things by the book!


Don’t waste any more time! Hire a wonderful part-time VA today and see the major difference it can have on your personal and business life.  We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line and we can chat through how best we can help you.

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