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Remember when creating a marketing campaign simply means printing flyers? 


Nowadays, planning a marketing strategy involves different online platforms and complicated SEO tools which if not done properly, can take a toll on other aspects of your business (not to mention the amount of time you have to spend revisiting these strategies)
Fret not! As a possible solution to these tremendous and time consuming task can be found from the other side of the planet. Yes, I’m talking about finding the right Virtual Assistant to help you overcome these challenges.


What Is A Virtual Assistant

Randy Duermyer from The Balance, a company that provides financial planning services, defines a Virtual Assistant (VA) as a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. Their task can simply involve managing your calendar and travel bookings to a more complicated and sought after skills like project management and of course, marketing and PR.
If you’re still not convinced, check out Chris Ducker’s podcast episode where he talks about his friend’s experience working with a VA and How His Virtual Staff Saved His Business And His Life (skip to the 13:40 timestamp of the audio where Chris and Leslie talked about that experience).
To put it simply, Leslie was facing burnout. His business is becoming a failure and this has created an negative impact with his marriage, possibly collapsing. This all changed after hiring his first VA. He put systems in place where his virtual assistants would take a bulk of his work then redirects his focus and energy on the most important side of his business, resulting on the expansion of his online presence.



Finding The Right VA For You

Now that you have an idea on what a VA can do for you, you might be asking “How can I find the right VA?”
You can start by identifying the areas you spend most of your time with but has lesser impact on your business. Also, put up a list of responsibility that you want your VA to execute and make sure a system is in place for your VA to fall back on as a guide. Lastly, use an online platform to announce that you are hiring and filter out the right candidate. Linkedin has come up with a guide on How To Use Linkedin To Find Your Next Great Employee


Now go ahead and explore the possibilities of having a Virtual Assistant for your business. Would it benefit you with your current structure or not? If you still need more information on how a VA can work for your company, I highly suggest The Va Hub. They provide an in depth training to their VAs and will find the right people that fits your needs.



Contributor: Jonathan Jimenez
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