Content Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2018

Marketing has changed significantly over the past years. These changes are largely driven by trends in consumer behavior and preferences, predominantly among the younger generation. This means that companies and marketing organizations alike have had to change communication channels and refocus on what’s more important to young consumers.
Consumer engagement through social media platforms has become a crucial element of any fruitful marketing strategy. As the world of social media marketing progresses quickly, it’s important to keep up with trends in the business so that you can create the most successful interaction strategy possible. Here are trends in SMM that will take over in 2018.

Hiring talent for content creation.

Companies hired freelance writers to produce content for their social media accounts to cross-promote new content across all platforms. The increased fame of social media platforms as a way of engaging young consumers will make marketing firms and companies hire employees to focus on content creation.
Young consumers devote a great deal of time with brands on social media so it is essential for brands post content that is not just relevant but also created purposely for the platform it’s being posted on. The type of content that is ideal for Facebook is very different from the type best for Instagram, which means that businesses have to hire experts in the content-creation space to manage all their accounts. Marketing strategies often take time to build and implement, so hiring in-house talent for social media marketing is an extremely great technique to ensure success in the space.

Increased importance on video content.

Increasing amount of content strategists are focusing on video content over pictures for brand marketing. The best in the industry have found that effectively engaging their target audience is a lot easier through video. Produce videos that your customers can relate to, and focus on showing your product and services in use.

The power of user-generated content.

A lot of brands are leveraging valuable user-generated content on their social media profiles to better engage their followers. A good example is when lifestyle brands ask their followers to submit pictures of themselves wearing a particular article of clothing or doing an activity. They will choose the best submissions and feature them on their page, credit given to the follower who submitted them. This is not only an amazing way to get fresh, quality content; it’s also the perfect tactic for better engaging your followers.

Amplified use of Stories.

Facebook and Instagram Stories have grown to be very popular among individual users and businesses alike. It’s very important for content strategists and marketers to generate content not only for posting directly to their pages, but to their Story as well.
Use Stories to your advantage by encouraging users to check out newly posted content or by cross-promoting it in your other social media accounts.

Brand partnerships.

Brands are making use of influencers on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to promote products. These partnerships are a great way to touch base with new users, and are often much more cost effective than creating new content. To effectively implement a brand partnership, focus on users who have a clear message and a sizeable follower base, and who actively engage their community. Brand partners habitually find innovative ways to get customers thrilled about products, and you can use that to your advantage.

Live content will appeal to the masses.

Marketers use Facebook Live to do demonstrations and show videos of real people using their product. Broadcasting to followers in real time is a fantastic way to get people interested in your content and engaged with your brand.

Engaging with individual users.

Brands have hired strategists and marketers to connect with individual users and potential customers in the past. Social media managers have begun making conversation with users in the comments of Instagram posts and reply to tweets on Twitter.
Engaging with individual users directly is an effective way to make followers feel important and get enthusiastic about your brand. Building brand loyalty and getting followers to actively engage with your content is the best way to convert users to paying customers.


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