Benefits of Adding Another VA to Your Team

     Today we are going to talk about increasing the productivity and efficiency of your team by adding a new member. I know what you are thinking, “This guy must be mad! That is the exact opposite of what you need to do to be productive and efficient.” Well let me tell you what I am on about. Now we all know that about 70 to 80% of real estate agents in the US have hired the services of a Virtual Assistant. Why not, it is very cost effective and convenient, just think of it you don’t even need to put an extra desk in your office for that employee. Virtual Assistants can do almost 90% of your paper work and the occasional task of sending flowers or birthday greetings to your clients to make it look like you didn’t forget. Now you have that little extra time on your hands to go and have coffee at Starbucks or go shopping at the mall in the next county. We all agree that Virtual Assistants are awesome, if you don’t have one yet, you should get one immediately.

     Here is a scenario, Bob is a real estate agent and he has his trusty Virtual Assistant, Brenda. Now according to Bob, “Brenda can do everything.” Well she has to be able to do everything because of the diversity and the amount of tasks that is day to day in the real estate world. If Brenda could make a cup of coffee for Bob, he probably would ask her to do that. Yes, Brenda can do everything, but how good is she at doing everything? Let me elaborate on this. Bob wants to have his own website, but he is swamped with other tasks so he asks Brenda to do it. Now Brenda, of course, she would say yes because that’s her job, but Brenda has little to no experience in making websites. So she has to go to google and research on how to make a website then visit YouTube and watch all the tutorial videos. So now Brenda is focused on this one task and have to divide her attention from her other tasks. Brenda then is no longer efficient and productive. It’s like using a Swiss army knife to fillet a fish instead of a filleting knife. However, lets say Bob hired another Virtual Assistant, Valerie, who specializes in making websites but is just average on the other tasks. Valerie could make the website in as little time as possible and still be able to give attention to her other tasks as she no longer needs to research or learn how to make a website. This is now then using a filleting knife to fillet that fish.
     Having a person with a specialized skill set is one of the keys to being efficient and productive. If you have a team of Virtual Assistants helping you out, you need to be aware of their specializations, what are the things they are really good at, and assign them tasks that are focused on their specialization. As in our example, by adding a member to the team that specializes on the need of the team, they are now more focused on their tasks hence they are all productive and efficient. If you have a team of Virtual Assistants now you need to find out what specialization you need to make that team better. By adding that one or two members to the team, you are helping them become more focused on their specialized task. A person can only do so much, by having the proper help it can motivate them to grow. I mean what’s to stop Brenda from learning how to be the best at marketing during her free time, right. When that happens Bob, would now have his website expert and marketing expert. On that note, I hope you are now thinking about what specialized skill do I need to bring in to enhance my awesome team.
Contributor: Jon Peter Velasco
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