5 FSBO And Expired Listing Prospecting Tips

Getting FSBO and expired leads to sign is not easy. You can practice all sorts of scripts and rebuttals but sometimes they just won’t give in. So here are some prospecting tips for converting them to your new clients.


  1. Discounts do make the cut

Yep, they do, giving out a discount or lowering your fees just could convince them. In the first place, FSBO leads do tend to avoid agents due to their commission fees. Make them feel special by offering a little discount.

  1. Be human

Everyone would agree that learning your scripts is a good practice on making that call. However, remember that what makes the pitch is not the words but the emotion you elicit. Learn to comprehend your leads emotion not just by doing a pitch but by showing them that you actually care and wanted to help them sell their homes.

  1. Old is gold

If you’re thinking old expired listings is hard to handle, well you’re wrong. On the contrary, you should be keeping tabs on them. Expired listings mean that the seller had already invested a lot to their house and eager to have their place sold. It is the perfect opportunity to talk to them and show off what you can do.

  1. Know your stuff and show it

Clearly, the best way to convince a lead is to show the data and educate them a bit about the business. Giving them the facts and data about having an agent representing them will ease their worries and give their trust in you. 

  1. Be persistent

This would be the best advice to an agent. Commit to your leads and be persistent about it. Most agents don’t commit enough time in pursuing a lead and actually losing them not knowing that all they need is just a little bit more and that lead is already their client.

We hope these tips will help you  get those leads. So what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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