10 Instagram Tools to Help You Build Your Following in 2018


Having a strong Instagram following is an amazing way to build an audience base. Here are our top Instagram tools for generating a sizable Instagram audiences in no time.

1. SocialDrift ($39/month)

SocialDrift  progressively increases your Instagram followers with machine-learning algorithms to connect with other Instagram users through a systematized exchange of likes, comments and follows. It allows users to set specific parameters about automated outreach related to account location, name or hashtag use. It will determine the best time to engage with target accounts. SocialDrift also also features a helpful dashboard that tracks automated engagement, new followers acquired through the platform and interaction-to-follow conversions.


2. Grum ($9.95/month)

Grum lets you manage Instagram for your clients, business, or for your own personal account from your desktop!

Main features of Grum (and reasons you need to be using it):

  • Schedule Post directly from your computer for any time in the future.
  • Control multiple Instagram accounts with one sign-in!
  • Give access to VAs without giving access to your Instagram account.


3. Owlmetrics ($25/month)

This tool can analyze Instagram post, follower and Instagram Stories performance. Users can also establish the best time of day to post based on user-friendly calendar heat maps that produce large data sets.


4. VSCO (Freemium)

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform and a successful strategy to take advantage of it is based on how you create photographic content. VSCO allows users of all skill levels to edit images and video so that they look professionally taken. It is a freemium app meaning you can download it for free and you can download add ons for better user experience. It is available on iOS and Android.


5. Later



Later offers media storage and scheduling features. It has content-management features like a Chrome extension and a bulk-media uploader with labels and tags.


6. Woobox

Roughly 70 percent of large brands use gamification as part of their marketing strategy. With Woobox, brands can create a social media-based contest that can help to increase followers, collect leads and drive online sales. Woobox has been used by four million businesses, including big ones like Spotify, American Airlines and more.


7. Canva

Edit media and create great-looking designs in minutes with Canva. This design platform inhabits a space somewhere between Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop. Brands of all sizes rely on the tool to create social media images without needing to rely on professional designers.


8. Linktree

In a move that’s somewhat controversial, Instagram allows users only one opportunity to link out of the platform to another website. But there’s a solution: Linktree is a free tool that turns one link into many by creating an intermediate landing page. This page allows visitors to choose where they land on the target website.

For example, if you are an ecommerce store, the link can lead visitors to a page with options for men’s and women’s clothing.


9. Ink361

Manage Instagram content, measure performance and keep an eye on competitors with Ink361. Since the platform is still in its early stages of development, pricing is currently free for all users, though that will change at some point. Ink361 is a great tool for Instagram marketers who are just starting out, since they can gain access to a robust all-in-one tool without first needing to make an investment.


10. Juicer

Display a curated series of Instagram posts on your website with Juicer. This social media widget can easily be embedded on any webpage to drive website visitor traffic to your Instagram profile. The tool even includes filter options, making it is easy to curate just the right content to suit the intent of the webpage.



Remember, there is a reason 78 % of internet marketers surveyed say that data is essential to their work. The best marketing teams are those that are able to quickly collect, analyze and react to data.

With roughly 800 million monthly users, Instagram is quickly becoming a critically important marketing channel. Using the tools outlined here, marketers of all stripes can create a substantial Instagram following that can be harnessed to improve brand awareness and increase sales.

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