Thriving In The New Normal

By: Athena Mondonedo


Coronavirus created a huge toll not just on our health but on the way we do things and in the way we live. According to Worlddometer ( December 29,2020 / 19:44 GMT Update) , there’s a total of 87, 077278 COVID 19 cases. The crisis challenged us physically, mentally, and financially.

While this is happening, we need to adapt to the changing world, and that’s why we coined the term the “NEW NORMAL”. There is no escape even in the Business world, big and small owners are affected, loss of jobs increased, revenues decreased.

According to SHRM COVID 19 Research, 42% of small business owners say they had to close their stores while 62% report a decrease in revenue.

Thus, management of different industries cut down costs and adapt to the “New Normal”.

Switching strategy from traditional to online marketing is the right thing to do. It is not new to us, however, the need to switch accelerated so fast. Digital Marketing efforts should be expected to push to the maximum.


Optimizely defines “Online Marketing as the practice of leveraging web-based channels to spread a message about a company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers.”


Thus, Brand awareness is important, the more people know about your brand, the more sales it would bring.


There are a lot of tools that will help such as advertising, search engine optimization, Google AdWords. However, skills are implied for it to be effective. As a CEO, it’s difficult to navigate everything, you would need someone who can help you put in the work as you thrive in a pandemic.

In the middle of the chaos, we find ways to cope and sustain our business. In the Philippines, virtual assistants are the ones partnering with entrepreneurs.

Investopedia defines a virtual assistant (VA) as an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.


Image Source: Unsplash.com by Jess Bailey

Here are the reasons why a VA can help you thrive in your business: 

1. Cost-effective – Since it’s a work from home set-up, there is no need to rent a place and pay for the other fee such as electric current.


2. Prioritization– Learning to delegate will allow you to focus on important things. Learn to pass on repetitive or minor tasks such as admin work and customer service.


3. Excellent Skill Set – You can choose someone who can help you with a specific task. A VA is known to be a fast learner and capable of improving a skill when needed.


These are just some of the practical reasons why you need a VA.

It is cost-effective but at the same time, it would bring great results to your business. Your assistant would want the best for you because your success is their success too.

In the VA Hub, our VA-s in-house are trained extensively that is why we are proud that we produce passionate, committed, and excellent virtual assistants. We can help you and your company grow. Talk to us!


In this pandemic, we can still choose to cope and we can thrive if we can align our strategies to the demand of the people at this time.