Don’t Let Coronavirus Affect Your Business

During the Coronavirus outbreak, people’s health and wellbeing is the number one priority. Coronavirus disease is also known as COVID-19, is making its way across the nation. With many people panicking about the spread, businesses are seeing a decline in traffic and an increase in isolation.

But what are you going to do when most people are obliged to stay at home? Plan, that’s the perfect answer.

To protect yourself from the virus you need to wash your hand frequently. However, when it comes to your business you need to take some precautionary measures.

Protecting Your Business During a Pandemic

Protecting your business means much more than doing a deep cleaning at your office and sanitizing everything. During this pandemic, preparing your business for the worst and keeping your staff well-informed is a necessity. 

To keep your company healthy during the coronavirus outbreak, you need to start doing these six tips.

  1. Create a Plan 

As coronavirus spreads, most businesses are putting safeguards in place to protect their companies and employees. A key precaution many business owners are taking includes creating or revamping an emergency preparedness plan. If you haven’t created a plan yet, then it’s time to work on it!

An emergency plan not only outlines the things that your company plans on taking if an outbreak impacts your business. It can also help you make sure that your employees and your business will be protected before disaster strikes.

Here are the steps that you need to make sure to include in your plan:

  • Steps you’re taking to protect employees
  • What to do if an outbreak occurs at your business
  • How employees can contact you in case of emergency
  • What will happen to business operations if your business is infected?

1. Inform Managers About Updates


No one likes being left out of the loop, especially when a situation like a coronavirus strikes. When protecting your business you must establish communication with your managers to keep them up-to-date.

To keep your business safe during the virus’s outbreak you have to do your research. You can check sites and pages that can give you information about what’s happening every day to keep you updated. And, don’t forget to check your state and local news for details about the spread and regulations pertaining to coronavirus. 

You need to relay all the information that you gathered to managers and supervisors as soon as possible. That way, they are up to speed about the situation and where your business stands. 

2. Reevaluate Your Cleaning Procedures

This one is a little obvious, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to mention it. You need to sanitize your business during this coronavirus battle.

Think about how you can improve your cleaning procedures to protect your business. To make sure that your business is squeaky clean you need to do the following:

  • Ramp up how often your business is cleaned
  • Stock up the workplace with soap, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers
  • Ask employees to clean and disinfect their desks on a daily basis
  • Encourage employees to wash their hands more

Keeping your workplace clean will give you and your employees some peace of mind knowing that they’re working in a safe environment.

3. Have Someone Who Can Work For You Remotely

With coronavirus in every state, businesses are finding alternative work arrangements to keep employees from coming into the office and avoiding contact. 

Depending on your industry and business, you may not be able to give employees the luxury of working from home. Maybe you don’t have or can’t afford additional equipment.

Worry no more. The VA Hub offers Virtual Assistant services that can be an answer to your dilemma. You can make sure to have someone who’s already an expert when it comes to tasks that can help your business continue functioning. Plus, you don’t need to worry about risking someone’s health during this time of crisis.

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