The Silver Lining in Every Situation: Overcoming Objections


In these days when the competition in businesses are really strong, objections are already of an ordinary occurrence. What most of the sellers commits as a mistake is interpreting objection as an absolute rejection. First, let us differentiate the two. Objection means that there is a reason or reasons why the seller and the buyer does not meet in the middle to complete a sale, thus we can infer that the buyer actually has the potential to buy but due to some hindrances, he doesn’t. On the other hand, rejection is an absolute call that a buyer doesn’t intend or interested at all on buying your product.

With things explained above, if you fall under the objection category, do not lose hope and always remember that there is a silver lining behind every cloud. You’ve already got your potential buyer and their objection doesn’t mean they will never buy from you. To help you out, we have listed here some tips to make a complete turnaround.

Market Your Product

In the modern day, there are lots of sprouting tools to grow and advertise your business. As a seller, you should enjoy the advantages of it as much as you can. Some of these are social media platforms, blogging , SEO of your own company website and a lot more. No matter how great your products are, if the consumers aren’t aware of it, they will just get past it without even sparing some time. Why not ask your past customers for reviews so people can see how great your product is from a third party perspective. Go and treat your marketing strategy as important as earning a profit.

Invest on Your People

Being an owner of a business, it is expected that you won’t meet all of your customers. Alternatively, you have these group of people that you hire to represent your business. One of the most common mistake of businessmen is not being able to invest on their workforce. Without the proper support they need, they will become less capable of selling your product. Ensure that they are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills as well as support from the management. When you treat them greatly, they will surely pay you back as much.

Know What Does Your Customer Really Need

Surely, receiving objections from your potential customers can be discouraging but you can also use it for your own advantage. List down the reasons why they do not completely nod their head. In that way, you can improve your product and be ahead of your competitors. Have that report and analysis done and definitely you will thank yourself in the future for these investments done. Having a good relationship with your customers are of great importance. Even if they say “no” today, that doesn’t mean it will always be a no. Build rapport when communicating with them and be amazed how they will give you the information you need.


With everything else given, we should know that there is no shortcut to success. We need to have our fair share of struggles and disappointments in order for us to appreciate the greatness of achieving our goals. Bad situations can make good stories after all. Always remember that even great men have their dark era. Always compose yourself and see the good side in every situation.



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Contributor: Patrick Sta. Rosa
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