Risk Management In Recruiting Remote Workers


Most business owners know that outsourcing can benefit them big time but fear a lot of things as well.


Outsourcing jobs to a VA can be risky since you won’t be able to see them physically working. You will mostly have to give your trust to them and expect to get the task done on time. Choosing candidates to interview can be very crucial. If you’ve hired the wrong person it could highly affect your business’ performance.

To avoid delays , it’s best to check on them regularly thru video call or email to keep you in the loop. You can also ask them to give End of the Day (EOD) Report about which tasks were done and which tasks still on pending.




While there are also companies where you can hire VAs and usually they are trained and experienced. There are also sites where you can directly hire VAs with lower cost but higher risk. Some business owners hire VAs directly but have to be trained for the task. In effect, you need to provide trainings that may take days to weeks.

To save time, hire VAs from companies as they are already skilled and experienced for the certain tasks. You don’t need to provide trainings, you can just give them instructions and they will do the rest.


The VA Hub, Inc. provides trained and skilled Real Estate and Marketing Virtual Assistants.


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Working at home could mean having limited or basic resources unlike working in the office, there are high performing computers, high-speed internet connections and back up power sources in case of power outage.

The VA Hub requires all VAs to either have a back-up computer, back-up power sources and internet or to go to the nearest 24/7 computer shop where they can continue with their tasks without compromising the deadline and the quality of work.


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