Real Estate Transactions Made Easy with Virtual Assistants

Have you ever found yourself canceling meetings due to mountains of paperworks? Or rescheduling an appointment because you needed to contact another company to complete previous transactions? Or worse, have you ever been to a meeting then no one was there to show up and only to find out the meeting was set for next week? So much time wasted and effort wasted, right?
Well worry not as there are professionals (virtually) experts out there that can take away these hassles so you can focus on what you do best, selling.

What does a Transaction Coordinator do?

These professionals are called Transaction Coordinators. And yes, they are virtually assisting you from across the globe but as effective (more often than not more effective) than your average high paying Transaction Coordinators around the block!
Your personal Transaction Coordinator will literally take over your calendar, all the paperwork, your eating habits, your day-to-day agenda and possibly your life! I’m kidding. But these individuals will help you set up your daily route making it more efficient for you to run around and make more sales from potential clients.

Statistics show that 70% productivity was gained by realtors investing on these professionals compared to those without. That’s a huge leap from your career at affordable rates from these well trained professionals.

So let’s get into some of the basic tasks that your TC will do to help your business grow.

Manage all timelines from Offer acceptance date up to the possession date.

For a successful closing to happen, you’ll need to make sure that every document and every information needed for the closing will be prepared before the deadline.
Transaction Coordinators prepares a timeline and list of documents including the specific dates on when they should be obtained. Not only that, they are the ones who coordinate with all the parties involved to get this done on time so that you can just spend more time on getting more clients.

Communicate with all parties involved with the sale.

Let’s admit that you can’t always be there to check your email inbox right away and your response time with your client’s inquiries and with the rest of the parties involved are very valuable for them. This reflects on how efficient you can be as an agent, having the transaction coordinator backing you up with these replies can build you up and saves you from spending too much time on your emails

Documentations necessary to complete the closing.

Documents are everything with RE transactions, from the Listing Agreement, Property Disclosures, Inspection Reports, Repair Addendums up to the Final HUD Statements can be very time consuming to prepare specially if you’ll need to get multiple signatures on it and not to mention the number of transactions you currently have. Transaction Coordinators can take these things off from your plate so that all you’ve got to do is to review and sign these documents that they have prepared for your closing.

Inputting all transaction information into the client database system.

Your Transaction Coordinator inputs all the necessary information and updates to your Real Estate CRM, MLS, Marketing Websites, and Transaction Management Systems and make sure that everything is up to date and documented.

Schedule customer service call campaigns.

Your role as a RE agent doesn’t end on the closing day. Making sure that your clients are satisfied and happy with your services are also part of the responsibility. Transaction Coordinators still stays with you with this and schedule a 30 Day, 90 Day & 120 Day client customer service follow ups so that they can assure that your client got everything they needed and expected from you. Satisfied clients meansmore referrals and more transactions!

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Having you hire one gives you less time spent with calling and emailing people, (which let’s admit can be really annoying especially when one party does not cooperate that much!) and allows you to plan and get more prospects clients out there!
Do you think every Real Estate Agent should have their own Transaction Coordinator?
Contributor:  Ginno Carlo Suva
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