Why Do People Object and How to Effectively Handle It

Handling objection is one of the skills everyone should acquire. If you look around, the world has become a battlefield of preferences, ideas, insights and anything in between which unconsciously turns it to be a large market. For people whose into sales, whether you sell product and/or services, you know this is the reality, and to some, handling objection is something they experience almost all the time. The more objections one has encountered the better they become in the fields of sales.



So what is really an objection? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is a feeling or expression of opposition, dislike, or of disapproval. This alone, is a proof that almost every day in our day-to-day lives, we handle objection. How about in prospecting? How do we define objection? Out of the many sales definition out there, I’ll quote the one from a world-renowned motivational public speaker and a self-development author, Brian Tracy. According to his book “The Psychology of Selling”, he mentioned that objections indicate interest, thus should be treated as people asking for additional information.


Now that we have a clear understanding what does objection mean and , let’s go deeper and understand why people object? It is said that people only object when they do not see the value of the product or services you offer, thus education is the key. Education in prospecting is not just merely throwing out information to the prospect or the lead, it must be done with the intention to understand what matters to lead so you can tailor fit the information you present to align to their motivation. Sounds complicated? Let’s get going.

After knowing what objection is and why leads object, let us look into the most common way to handle objection.


Build trust and credibility.


The moment you speak to your lead, consider it as your only chance to present the value of your services. You must deliver your opening spiel in the most confident manner you can to build trust and credibility. In prospecting, many real estate agents and companies use different scripts yet it all boils down to its main goal, to build trust and credibility on set. This is your doorway to the entire process.





Listen to uncover.


The moment you get a response from your lead, this is your cue to open your ears and listen intently. Everything your lead says, may it be an objection or a statement, is your key to the next step of the process.  This is the phase where you build relationship by responding appropriately and listening more about them. Remember, people love it when the conversation is all about them.








This is the phase where you use all the information you gathered before your call and during your conversation with your lead. This is where you break the gap between you and your lead to achieve the meeting of minds and lead to realize that they need your service. This phase should not sound like you are educating, but more of rephrasing what your lead has told you and pair it with your leading statements to the value of your services.

Transition to selling the value. Lay down your cards and speak out. Share what you can give and why you versus everyone else. This is your phase and you make it brief and direct.





There are different ways in closing a sale or setting up an appointment yet the most common way is the Directive Close which you will be leading the conversation on what should be the next step. Example, “well to get you to Tampa in less than 6 months, all you need to do is invest at least 15 minutes of your time. How about tomorrow noon at 1:00? Is this a good time for you?”






See that?! It may sound complicated but always bear in mind that practice makes perfect. Go, master the steps above and close those appointments like a pro.


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Contributor: Joy Santiago
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