Proven Ways to Prospect Effectively

What is Sales Prospecting? 

This is the process of identifying and connecting with potential customers. The goal of prospecting is to build a sales pipeline, wherein a salesperson consistently connects with a potential customer to develop a rapport with the intention of, eventually, closing a sale.


It creates more opportunity to provide more leads.


There is no magic button in sales. The only thing you can do to be successful in this industry is to work hard and give yourself the best possible chance of smashing your targets. That’s why prospecting is so important for effective selling.


Everyone understands that without sales prospecting, there are no new leads. And without new leads, sales will go down and companies die.

Knowing this, these are some of the best techniques for landing strong prospects:



  • Target Your Ideal Leads


At this stage in your prospect research, the ultimate goal is to determine the quality of your leads. Whether or not they appear to be a strong potential sales prospect that’s worthy of your time and effort to proceed with attempting to close the sale.


Social media is an obvious starting point. Twitter and LinkedIn are typically your best bets, largely because users tend to make their profiles, and their posts, public.



  • Plan Your Prospecting Activity


When you are planning, consider what assets you have that can help you achieve your goal as well as what pitfalls might prevent you from achieving it. Documenting these in your plan can help you stay on track.



  • Track Your Prospecting


Whether it’s over email or on the phone, committing to ambitious activity goals for the number of qualified prospects you start conversations and follow ups with each day.

At the least, you should know where your leads are coming from, where each lead is in the process, and what activities are being done.


Once you have a plan to reach out to your ideal targets, and you have a way of keeping track of them, get to work! Execute your plan, and keep track of what you’re doing.


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