Overcoming Objections in Prospecting

According to Business Encyclopedia, Prospecting is the first step in the sales process, which consists of identifying potential customers, aka prospects. When you are in a conversation with a client and you are a newbie in the sales industry if they oppose or disagree with you, would you feel disapproved? Do you find that challenging or do you just push right back? I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert or have always overpowered objection but I was able to come up with a few techniques that I think are quite a bit effective and I would like to share them with you.

So how do you overcome objections?

First thing, you need to change your mindset and start looking at objections as an opportunity to educate your prospects. You must let them know the benefits they are about to get.

  1. Listen. Take the time to listen to the objection fully because you might just be making assumptions. Train yourself to ignore the negativity and listen without bias or anticipation. Physical or verbal affirmations would help your buyer to know that you are listening to them.
  2. Understand. You need to understand the source of the objection and work it from there. If the buyer sees your concern fully, they may be able to open up to you and would make them want to know more about what you are offering.
  3. Respond. Once you have addressed the most important objection, other minor objections would come for you. Just make sure that you present a resolution.The more issues they have that you can resolve, the more it will lead to a sale.
  4. Confirmation. Nodding doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing. Ask your buyer if they are happy with your resolution and don’t settle for a fake ‘yes’. There are some buyers who would still have the objection after you hung up the phone. So do not lose sight of your goal if you are faced with sales objections.

Hopefully, these tips will help you strengthen your relationship with your buyers or clients. Give it a personal touch and make sure to use these steps for you to move closer to your sale.


Contributor: Quirino Lacambra IV
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