Make a Team: Be More Productive While Working Less

If you’re one of those professionals or business owners who already have a virtual assistant working them, that’s wonderful news. You’re surely making good use of your time. And I bet there’s no better investment than a time well spent while staying productive. I’m sure that’s why you hired a virtual assistant in the first place – to do more while working less. But have you thought of adding another virtual assistant to make a team? If you think of your hired virtual assistant as an investment, the next logical move is to hire more..

I know. This means taking more out of your pocket. Before we think twice, Sandra Lewis the Founder and CEO of WorldWide101 (a consulting group that helps founders move their business forward with the right skills and resources) wrote the “5 Ways a Virtual Assistant will boost your Productivity”. She mentioned the 5 main tasks that Virtual Assistants can help you with – Data Capturing, Bookkeeping, Email Management, Scheduling, Research Presentation and Design (Marketing). To answer the what’s-in-it-for-me dilemma is to see how you can possibly do more with each of these skill set, while working “a lot less”.

Virtual Assistants are usually profiled as generalists who can possibly do all the skills mentioned above. But one thing is sure, they’re specialists of at least one or two VA skills. They are definitely more effective (and efficient!) when given tasks they specialize in. Hence you can have a Marketing VA who takes charge of content creation and prospecting online and do cold calls. Or you can have someone who specializes in administrative tasks who is reliable in data entry, bookkeeping, and managing your calendar.

The more time your virtual assistants spend in dealing with more specific tasks can mean more prospects, more connections, more sales opportunities, and simply more results on the table with less time spent and with you working even less. Without a doubt, that means more income generated and more growth for your business. For sure, that is paying what your money’s worth. But more importantly, what you’re about to have is more time for yourself.

I couldn’t stress it any better. If you’re already reaping the benefits of working less while keeping up with your usual productivity with one virtual assistant, you would want to consider adding professional help to double or triple your results while you spend more time away from work. If you’re now looking to hire dedicated virtual assistants and skilled staff to join your team, call us today!

Contributor: Florante Robrigado
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