Here’s How Your Customer Service Team is Already Doing Marketing for You

When you put customer service and marketing together, you also open up communication channels. Your teams can create such an amazing customer experience that benefits your bottom line if they work together.

Unbeknownst to a lot of marketers and business owners, how they market a product and service and how their customers use it don’t always form ranks. Next to your customers, your customer service team has the best discernment into how and why customers actually use your products or service. That tiny bit of association can create powerful marketing campaigns that can grab the attention of bigger segments of your audience.



Here’s How Your Customer Service Team is Already Doing Marketing for You


Social media is a key reason why businesses combine customer service and marketing. It offers an instant gratification loop for consumers and places them in close touch with their brands of preference. Did you know that 95% of adults online are likely to follow a brand on social media, and not just when they love the brand or want discount promotions?


Plenty of brands have come to comprehend what they once saw as a marketing platform is also a quick way for customers to get their problems sorted. Social media marketing managers are filling a customer service role now more than ever.


When you can combine your teams to focus on the customer, you can drive amazing customer experiences.

  • Be ready for questions with team members that have an effective knowledge in marketing and promotions
  • Maintain open communication so customer service fuels the marketing team with data to create more effective campaigns
  • Supervising issues and responding to questions and comments at a quicker pace resulting in better Facebook page engagement


71% of customers who have a positive experience with a company on social media will likely endorse that brand to others. You’ll also leave an impression on users who experience how you competently and rapidly attend to your customers’ needs. The first step toward customer service and marketing flowing together to generate better experiences is to start talking. Create an open-door policy so everybody can get the information they need to help a customer or prospective customer at a moment’s notice.

Everyone in the company plays a vital role in marketing the brand as well as serving the customer. If you’re not serving the customer, then your job is to serve someone who is.


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