Finding a Freelancer Vs Hiring from a VA Company

We often hear people hoping that they were more competent or had more time to pursue their passion. Everyone wants to be more productive, work fewer hours and see the world, but how do you do all that? Instead of hoping, growing with the help of a virtual assistant is the best move that you can make for your business.

Virtual assistants could help you and your business thrive efficiently. But when considering whether to work with a freelancer or with a VA company, there are many things to consider. There are benefits to both, and it’s a matter of choice, and comfort level — but an important component when deciding to hire a virtual professional. Read them below.



Work with a VA company if you want to skip the legwork of screening candidates

By using a VA company like The VA Hub, you skip the legwork of screening the candidates, and the hassle of not knowing whether the “untried” person will work out! If you don’t want to deal with the process of interviewing and selecting people, I suggest you give us a call now and we will do most of the hard work for you.


Work with a VA company if you want to have peace of mind

Most of the clients we work with look for that “peace of mind” and we deliver our promise to always have our VAs backed by our expert training team who continuously offer free and progressive training to them, our fun work culture, and a supportive management team. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promote a thorough vetting and screening process.


Work with a VA company if you value your privacy and security

Data protection is vital and the risks of lost, stolen, or leaked data are very real. While there are many freelance virtual assistants in the market, you can essentially be more confident about data security if you employ from a company that provides VAs and manages them within its own rules and regulations. A preferable VA company will already have data security policies and practices in place to protect its clients and their businesses. 


Work with a Freelancer if you need temporary employees

Freelancers are resourceful generalists and will perform tasks or routines rather than owning an entire function of your business. While they aren’t permanent employees, they offer a way to get ongoing help running your business without any of the additional expenses of hiring a person full-time.


Work with a Freelancer if you want to establish business procedures

About 80 % of your job can be handled by virtual assistants and a well-written SOP. However, you must remember that your operating procedures aren’t always as detailed as you think they are, especially to an outsider.

Work with a Freelancer if you require a little more flexibility

Expect to pay around $12 to $45 per hour. While freelancers charge more than you would pay a regular employee, using outside services for tasks like marketing or Web development can still save you money because you pay only for the service you need when you need it.



As you work with virtual assistants, you will be more capable of hiring the right people and delegating tasks. You’ll also be amazed at how much free time you have once you let go of those tasks that can be easily outsourced. It’s all about finding the right VA for your requirements and really preparing to make the partnership successful whether you use a freelancer or an agency. Are you ready to hire a virtual assistant? Find out how today!


Your goal with outsourcing of any kind is to create less work for yourself, not more.


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