Common Objections in Prospecting and How to Overcome Them

When we hear the word objection what does it tell us?  For me it’s an objection it is when I hear the word NO.  Whether in our personal or professional lives we get objections from people that we talk to.  So why are we being rejected?  Why do people say No? In this blog, I will talk about why we get a NO when prospecting.

There are number of reasons our target audience decline our offer.  Some are obvious while some are hard to figure out.  When we talk to someone during prospecting, we normally hear them object right away. You will hear them say “I’m too busy”, “I’m not interested”, “You’re the nth person to call me”, or “We don’t have a budget for that,” are just some of the most common objections.

So, let’s evaluate.  Here are some things that we need to check before prospecting:

  1. Research – one thing that sales people fail to do is to research on their target. They fail to study the important details about them.  They don’t look at the gender, age and profession.  That is why when they make the call they are not prepared to counter the objections. Be prepared.  Ask the right questions based on the personality and on the demographics of the person you’re talking to.
  2. Confidence in what you offer – another aspect where most sales people fail is believing in the product or service that they offer. Having confidence in the product or services that you offer can go a long way in overcoming objections. Modern consumers are intelligent and can sense if you are saying the truth.
  3. Create a Need– You must create a need to entice a consumer to buy. Make sure you can answer questions like “What’s in it for me?”.  This is something that a sales person would need to do when doing a cold call.  Remember: a prospect will not buy something they do not have an immediate need for. Listen intently and see beyond their objection to create a need.
  4. Creating the Proposal– Is your proposal ready?  Does it have all the elements that your audience would need to understand? Do you have full understand of the product or services that you offer? Make sure that your presentation is crisp and makes sense.  Always double check your presentation or spiels when doing our pitch to make your conversation more engaging and fast.
  5. Gather Data– of course in our first few attempts most likely our success rate will be low and expect a lot of objections. In all those conversations there are similar objections by our client.  Sit down and look at the data that you have then check how many kinds of objections were there.  This data will help you in reformulating your approach and be able to anticipate the objections.  It might sound cheesy but it is better to be prepared with canned responses than making up one.
  6. Be Calm and Patient– Even with all of the preparation and confidence to make that call, nothing will be easy if you lack calmness and patience.  It’s not easy to be rejected especially after you’ve done your best. Avoid losing your patience and becoming argumentative.  Remember to not take objection personally. You can always move forward to the next lead.


Prospecting is tough and is definitely not for everyone. Just relax and plan ahead of time to increase your chance of getting positive results. Again, if the target objects and rejects your offer, move on to the next!  Have fun prospecting!


Contributor: Angelito Santos Jr
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