Bring Your Customer Service to The Next Level This 2019 Using These 9 Apps 


Providing the best customer service is what any businesses continuously attempts to achieve. Since today’s customers are ever more demanding, communicating through different channels and expecting instant replies, they need all the help they can get.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of awesome customer service apps that can help businesses deliver customer support. Here are our latest recommendations.

Freshdesk – centralized customer support platform 

Freshdesk is a helpdesk app, that allows you to provide customers support through email, chat, phone, social media and website. It gives you a quick overview and access to support tickets. It also lets you use filters to prioritize tickets, add watchers to a ticket, update ticket details, delete tickets and mark suspicious tickets as spam right from your phone. Easily answer support calls, log the time you spend on a customer and associate all of your social media accounts with your support system so you can manage them all from the social tab.


Zendesk – customer support platform, best for deep integrations and customization 

Zendesk is one of the top cloud-based customer service software solutions with a remarkable list of client organizations. It has an elegantly designed system for catering to inbound ticket requests from different channels — email, website, social media, phone, or chat. It also offers an easy way for customers to help themselves and swiftly find what they need, generally minimizing their frustration. It’s the choice of many customer support teams for its ease-of-use! Try it today.


Intercom – logs customer activity so you are fully prepared if they ask a question 

Intercom is a customer platform that has a collection of products to support live chat, marketing, and support. Intercom’s tools work for desktop, iOS and Android apps. Some of the popular and useful intercom tools are its Customer Acquisition Software which lets you chat with website visitors, Customer Engagement Software which onboards new users, and Customer Support Software which allows your customers to get help in your app, through email or across your social media platforms. What that makes Intercom unique is that all of their products work perfectly together and they are powered by customer data.


Zoom – video conferencing

Giving quality video, audio, and screen-sharing, Zoom can significantly improve collaboration among teams and participants. Start and join a meeting seamlessly with just one tap on your mobile device or browsers. Additionally, this web conferencing software eases wireless content sharing as it improves remote access to webinars and web conferencing.

Extremely ideal for small to medium businesses, enterprises, and startup organizations; Zoom is built to host and broadcast meetings that can cater to up to 100 video participants and 10,000 view-only attendees.


Uberconference – free video conferencing

Uberconference is a very simple online conferencing platform that assimilates easily with social media, allows multiple participants and provide broadcasts in high quality audio. Uberconference is the choice of many small to medium size businesses and is scalable and fully customizable. You can use it for free! Small meetings with up to 10 participants doesn’t require any payment but if you have more than that, a business account costs only $15 per account.




Slack – team communications

Slack is a very popular communications app that improves communications between team members. It supports unified file sharing and integrates with a large number of other popular applications like Google Drive and Dropbox. This is a great app to have if your goal is to keep everyone on the loop in order to serve your customers better.




ReferralHero (previously Maitre) – create a referral system

ReferralHero is a powerful referral tool for companies to achieve better word of mouth marketing opportunities and grow their client-base. It can be used by digital companies from different niches. It works around the idea of sustainable business growth that uses a foundation of customer-centric product or service recommendations from current customers. It is highly customizable to allow users to have a continuous marketing funnel. From a pre-launch campaign, more customers and leads can be then onboarded over a traditional brand ambassador program that enables them to refer new users. Incorporate stimulating giveaways so that leads and brand awareness can be increased further. ReferralHero has been able to attain an average campaign ROI of 4x for their customers.


Hotjar – creates videos of each visitor to your website

Hotjar allows you to create a visual representation of how users engage with your site. It uses interactive heatmaps of customer clicks and actions, recordings of their web sessions, and survey and feedback results to help you build a strong, data-backed grasp of what exactly people are using your site for, and more importantly how they’re using it. This way, you can improve customer experience and gain more business.




Screenflow – create how-to videos and other custom videos

ScreenFlow is a powerful video editing and screencasting app for Mac. It is very intuitive and enables users to capture your entire screen while also recording your computer audio and video feed. This application also lets users trim and readjust the recordings or add annotations, callouts, and motions. ScreenFlow is ideal for teachers, app developers, and marketers looking to create high-quality tutorials, demos, training, presentations, and more.



Every business that wants to enjoy a good relationship with their clients and prospects needs to adopt a philosophy which places the customer engagement at their very core.

With a customer-centric foundation in place, technology can serve as a powerful channel to help you provide service levels faster and better.


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