2021 Top Goal : Hire a Virtual Assistant, but where to?

By: Lorley Mariz Rodriguez

Photo source: Unsplash.com by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Do you still remember when you were writing your New Year’s Resolutions last year? How motivated, determined, and sure you were that it was going to be your year? You have listed down every little thing that you want to achieve; you probably have more than one for career, relationship, health, business, and finances!

Now, let’s take a look at that list. How is it going so far?

You see, it’s natural for people to set goals but we often forget to set clear and measurable strategies to reach them. After determining your goal, it’s time to set action items to start the groundwork. Here’s an example.


Goal: To establish a digital presence in social media to promote my business.

Photo source: Unsplash.com by Corinne Ku

1: Finalize your business name then pick a color, font, and design that you will consistently use on all your social media posts.

2: Research the people you want to sell your items to. It’s important to know their demographics, psychographics, and their buying triggers so you can properly communicate what your business is trying to help them with.

3: Determine your success indicator. How many posts, likes, followers, engagement do you want to say that you’ve successfully used social media to promote your business.

4: Based on your success indicator, determine at least 2 social media platforms to use and the frequency and type of posts you want to create.

5: Determine the parameters, when do you wish to start?

6: Create a timeline and think of how much of your time will this goal take from you.

According to a famous author named James Clear,

      “Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress”


Photo source: Unsplash.com by Markus Winkle

With all these strategies and steps not to mention the research process do you think you can handle it?


This is the point where you start setting your systems, and that system doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be you doing all these things. There are experts in the field that can help you better use your time in running your business.

Have you ever heard of the word virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are professionals that you can count on to do office tasks. The only difference and advantage are that they can do it remotely! VAs are trained to help you in several tasks that can help you grow your business such as marketing, real estate support, recruitment, and a whole lot more. Hiring a virtual assistant is indeed a better option to expand your team without paying for the high impact cost drivers such as physical offices, utilities, and administrative costs.

There are several resources for remote delegation of work. Freelance sites, job boards, and agencies are only some of them. Each of these options has its own advantage and disadvantages.

But why The VA Hub?

  1. The VA Hub clients are secured with our VAs as we can easily replace VAs with poor attendance or quality performance while it’s impossible to do that with freelancers.
  2. Our VAs undergo extensive training with seasoned trainers before being deployed to their clients while freelancers are self-taught.
  3. We’ve evolved and grown as a brand in the last 4 years and have been a gamechanger in the virtual assistance industry while other agencies are just starting out.
  4. We’ve streamlined our processes in key areas of the business to ensure a quality customer and partner experience while other agencies are still figuring out their momentum.

It’s always best to hire someone from a virtual assistant agency like The VA Hub where you can be secured that the virtual assistants are trained, multi-skilled, and flexible in task management.

Check this list before signing your first virtual assistant.

1. Website – The agency must have a working website. It should tell you more about their business and the type of industries they cater to like The VA Hub’s website.

2. Social Media Pages – Because of social media, checking the credibility of a company is made easier. You just need to verify if they have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and of course LinkedIn.

3. Client Feedback – Checking the legitimacy of a company is great but you also need to make sure that these people are tried and tested in the industry. These testimonials must be made public to show credibility. Again, The VA Hub’s website is exploding with feedback from happy clients.

The VA Hub has been in the industry for over four years. The pandemic didn’t stop them from growing the team.

To date, they have close to 100 VAs and close to 300 loyal clients. This goes to show that they are one of the trusted agencies in the virtual assistance industry globally.

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