Why Does Viral Marketing Work?

In this day and age, everyone has seen a viral video or image or at least know what they are. Viral media really captivates and makes a great impact on everyone. Most of the time it sets the trend and even become an influence. But have you ever heard of viral marketing?

Marketing to its core is to introduce your product, or service to your target audiences and lets your brand to be known. And making something viral is the exact thing what marketing really aims for. To make your brand viral so everyone would take notice of your brand. And this is viral marketing and really do wonders. This is one of the new ways of marketing and a lot of companies is using it. One example of which is the Old Spice Ads. It’s quirky and funny and really targets everyone. Because of its quirkiness, people just can’t forget about their Ads and simply buys them just because of it. It is not really about how fragrant their product is, simply because their Ads made you smirk.

Another example of it is the Coca-cola #Shareacoke Ad. It connects to people, setting a trend in which making their brand more relevant.

And making a trend in viral marketing is not just about being funny or connected, sometimes just being weird simply do the trick. Example of that is Mountain Dew’s puppy-monkey-baby Ad.

It’s so weird that people hated the Ad but in accordance with that, it became relevant as people still recognize the brand due to its negative responses.


Viral marketing is not easy and your audiences will quickly pick it up if you’re trying too hard. But it is not impossible either. As long as you follow the trend and keeping in touch with your audiences you can always pull it off.


Viral marketing might be the best kind of marketing that has ever been invented. Because it can quickly connect to your audience and expand it rapidly. Using this method of marketing can make your brand the next big thing if done correctly.

So, what are your thoughts about viral marketing? Would you also try to make a trend for your brand?

Source https://sproutsocial.com/insights/viral-marketing/